Describe how and then explain why the conduct of management research (the reality) differs from the plans which the researcher makes.

Describe how and then explain why the conduct of management research (the reality) differs from the plans which the researcher makes.

Assignment on Management Research Methods

Based on the work you have been undertaking for your Management Research Project - Dissertation, describe how and then explain why the conduct of management research (the reality) differs from the plans which the researcher makes.

The researcher chose to study the effectiveness of intrinsic motivational factors like monetary rewards or bonuses in organizations. Organizations tend to lose employees over a period of time. This is a natural thing however it is vital for the organization to keep the employee turnover rate to a minimum. This is absolutely vital in the case of experienced employees. The researcher chose to collect data from a variety of places ranging from the industrial sector to the retail sector.


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The researcher made plans for the project and clearly identified the objectives. The primary objective of this research was to analyze whether financial bonuses are sufficient enough by themselves to retain employees. The researcher also wanted to find out if such a practice kept the employees motivated or whether such practices were outdated in modern context and times. The researcher kept apart a specific time period to collect data regarding this project.

However, it was only after the project was done that the researcher had to admit that there were a number of obstacles that hindered the process of completing the project. First of all, the researcher found that the concept of planning which is considered to be one of the most important characteristics for a good management was also the hardest. The researcher came to this conclusion after he found that it was extremely difficult to get the data required for analysis. In order to complete the project, the researcher had to conduct a survey and collect primary data from a number of sources from both the hospitality sector and also the retail sector. Despite the best thought plans, the researcher found it difficult as it was very hard to pin down an employee for an interview as they kept changing their appointment schedules.

Another important fact was that due to all the delays, the budget which the researcher had allocated primarily for the purpose of conducting this research was soon found to be inadequate. The researcher tried hard to allocate his resources in as efficiently as possible. However all the delays caused an increase in expenditure. It was hard for the researcher to manage the budget and complete the project.

Another issue faced by the researcher was the time constraints. The researcher took into consideration that certain unexpected problems would come up and duly gave additional time to take care of such problems in his proposal. However, it was during the course of completing his project that the researcher found that time was extremely short and had to find a way to get the work done in a much more quick and efficient manner. Therefore, the researcher had to conclude that the guidelines of good characteristics for maintaining a good management program for a project were just a set of instructions that had to be followed in order to do the most work in the least amount of time. However, the researcher found during the course of completing this project that such guidelines cannot always be applicable and that it was very hard to follow the guidelines in order to complete the project strictly. There are a huge number of external influences that will constantly keep hindering any projects process, and therefore a good manager must also ensure that it is flexible and can quickly think strategically in order to respond to such obstacles. Therefore, it is highly evident that a good management must strive to study the external factors which are bound to affect its business operations and notice the impacts. More light could have been thrown on this study if the researcher had made the prior plans to adjust accordingly to the time and budget constraints.


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