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Tutors India, is world’s reputed academic guidance provider for the past 15 years have guided more than 4,500 Ph.D. scholars and 10,500 Masters Students across the globe. We support students, research scholars, entrepreneurs, and professionals from various organizations in providing consistently high-quality writing and data analytical services every time. We value every client and make sure their requirements are identified and understood by our specialized professionals and analysts, enriched in experience to deliver technically sound output within the requested timeframe. Writers at Tutors India are best referred as 'Researchers' since every topic they handle unique and challenging.

Services Criteria Price in US$ Price in Rupees
Topic & Proposal (2-3 topics) $300* 19,400*
Questionnaire (20-25 questions) $250* 16,170*
Thesis Peer review (100-150 pages)* $450* 29,100
Journal Manuscript (2500 words) $325* 21,020*
UK Dissertation Full (12,000 words) $625* 40,440*
PhD Proposal (1500 words) $215* 13,910*
Topic Selection/Proposal (2-3 topics) $600* 38,820*
Disertation Editing (20000 words) $975* 63,080*
Diss.statistical Analysis (2500 words) $335* 21,670*
Research Design (1500 words) $410* 26,520*

*Conditions Apply:

Depend upon the requirements, Price may vary accordingly.

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