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The US & UK writers at Tutors India aim at inculcating knowledge within students and build a great confidence to submit their dissertation successfully.

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The discipline of Law is a set of rules and regulations enforced by the courts involving Government and its organs and its relationship with the subjects of the state. Adjudication of the law subject involves civil and criminal law. Civil law is to solve disputes between individuals and organizations, whereas criminal law is applicable to the offender of social order. There are certain lawsuits as a remedial measure to prevail the justice system.

Some of the interesting legal subjects are a public law, private law, constitutional and administrative law, contract law, tort law, property law, labor law, etc. In every walk of life, the jurisdiction of law prevails in the society. Throughout the world, UK law course is widely accepted and forms the foundation of legal course. As an international law student from the UK, he or she stands to get career benefit in politics, business, finance and much more. Catering to the need of international students, an institute in the UK also offers specialized courses such as law & IT, covering the aspects of privacy, digital rights, management, cybercrime, and e-commerce.

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Since the law is a vast subject having so many rules, amendments, codes; it might prove as cumbersome to students. This writing needs wide extensive study involving law books, magazines, references which should be translated into a well laid out dissertation writing with heading, subheading, introduction, body, conclusion enumerating valid points of research. So as to make the writing work a professional one, it is better to hire professional legal writers. Dissertation writing service provided by us covers all the contents of the study.

We use subject-specific language, exemplary presentation

that demonstrates clear, logical, imaginative, creative & Original – Use ideas, concepts & theory at a required level.

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Our writing standard are at an exemplary standard showing creativity &
innovation & ensures link between theory & practice

Commercial, Company, Construction, contract, criminal, Employment, English legacy system, Foreign, Human rights,
Tort Law, sports law, property law, medical law & International Law.

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Why Tutors India for Law writing and editing services?
Exemplary standard of written English

The US & UK writers at Tutors India aim at inculcating knowledge within students and
build a great confidence to submit their dissertation successfully by appropriate use of legal rules, principles,
legislations and/or policies relevant to the question

A Law Dissertation Writing Service features that helps to get the grade

We help you in the broad range of law based specialization including civil, criminal, public, private, consitutional, administrative, property, human rights, company law, commerce law, intellectual property, tax, banking of with the expected grade. Law dissertation are selected based on your area of interest, research gap, and feasibility of data collection. We make you strong in your dissertation by dealing with all the questions that you have in your mind. The process also entails data collection, statistical analysis and presentation in the format of your Institute. As a final process, the master’s thesis is further put to review and proofreading to ensure that you get quality work.

Your Choice of Primary or Secondary Research

We help you to collect primary and secodary data collection through library reserch, internet searches (for secondary), while for quantiative research through Interviews with key informants, focus group discussion guide, questionnaire ad observation. We justify the chosen methodology through theoritical justification rather than the argument of lack of time or financial resources as a reason for limiting research. The chosen methodology will be tailored to achieve the research question and substinate with reference or argument to support how methodology is the most suitable for finding the solution to your research question.

Your Choice of quantitative or qualitative or Triangulation methodologies

We help you to identify the right choice of research methodology for your law dissertation, while the choice purely depends on the theoritical framework or a conceptual fraework and the research question. We assists you identify the jurisprudetial basis of your research, the theorist to support your research and answer your research question ? e.g. Whether you prefer Thomas Hobbes to Jeremy Bentham? Or positivists school of throught to the historical, your justification to chose particular theorists of school of law?

Development of Questionnaire or Interview questions

We help you in a broad range of services from the selection of a dissertation topic to complete your master’s dissertation successfully with the expected grade. UK MBA thesis topics are selected based on your area of interest, research gap, and feasibility of data collection. We make you strong in your dissertation by dealing with all the questions that you have in your mind. The process also entails data collection, statistical analysis and presentation in the format of your Institute. As a final process, the master’s thesis is further put to review and proofreading to ensure that you get quality work.

Academic Law Writing & Editing Features

We help you to submit a plan of the dissertation (proposed structure / main argument), progress, and a sample of writing to their supervisor according to the style of reference – Draft would demonstrate evidence of imagination, creativity, critical insights and analytical rigor

Sources, Citation and Presentation

We help you identify an impressive range of primary and secondary resources, in compliance with the Law Style Guide including the Oxford Standard of Legal Citation, the Harvard Scheme, the Australian Guide to Legal Citations and the Canandian Guide to Uniform Legal Citations, the Bluebook, New Zealand Guide to Legal citation etc. Our formatting and referencing team are aware of citations that includes books, reported cases (Australia / UK), citing judges, published papers, unpublished papers, government and private publications, discussion papers/ reports, law reform commission reports, citing newspaper /magazines, press releases, acts/ legisltations, International treaties, case law of international Jurisdiction, statutes, Case Law of National and foiregn Jurisdiction, bills, parliamentary debates, CD Rom Databases, world wide web www site, bibilography,

Legal Style & Argument

We follow styles rules including quotations (short and long quotes, edited quotes, errors or discriminary terms in quoted passages), ellipsis, interpolations, abbreviations, dates, times, numbers, fractions and decimals, and footnotes. We write your dissertation in the manner which is argumentative, ie., the logical and coherent constrcuction substaniated by relevant primary and secondary sources. Further our law writers has capability to write your dissertation in own voice and clearly indicate the voice come through, by using expressions (e.g. it is), and reserve the use of verbatim quotes for exceptional circumstances.

Free while you order dissertation

We help to develop questionniare or interview guide at free of costs while you order for dissertation. We also provide,

  • Appendices
  • Abstract
  • Title Page
  • Copyright Page
  • Table of Content
  • Lists of Charts, graphs, Illustrations
  • Formatting
  • Frequently asked questions (questions that may arise while writing the dissertation)
  • Personal statement for your research proposal
  • Bibilography (a brief annotation on key primary text)
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Frequently Asked Question

Why should I Choose Tutors India for academic law writing services?

Our native academic law writers are skillful and experience in different subjects fields especially in the law writing ensure to understand your project well and delivered on time. With over 400+ academic writers endeavor to submit your PhD document that meets the terminology of the academic area but also it has the native linguistic command over Academic law terms. Thereby, it boosts opportunities to achieve high credits in your law thesis and increasing the chances of acceptance by high impact factor journal.

Our academic law writing services uniqueness includes:
  • An original, fresh and 100% plagiarism free content.
  • Flawless, ideal and sound law research paper that meets recommended formatting rules.
  • Scientifically accurate and an appropriate information discover the groundbreaking conceptualization.
  • On-Time delivery with no compromise on Quality.
What kind of services do you offer?

We offer an extensive variety of the following outstanding academic law supports for masters and PhD including
For Masters and PhD: Abstracts writing, journal articles and manuscripts, law literature reviews, research proposal, research methodology, textual/data analysis, statistical analysis, findings, results, and conclusions, referencing, and more.
In addition, tailor-made assignment, essay and manuscript support, conference paper and textbook writing, coding and algorithm, programming, software and tool development, illustration, manuscript statistics and PhD research plan as well as editing services. We deliver a professional academic assistance to complete any research work and writing you may require.
If you need any other research writing support, please select “other” on our pricing order form and clearly outline what is required. We will call back you immediately, or you can contact UK toll-free 08081891062. Visit our contact page to see other countries contact information, so we will do our best to help you.

What are the topics covered in academic law writing?

We cover the wide range of law writing topics such as public law, medical law, business law commercial law, intellectual property, competition law, international criminal law, family law, civil mitigation and environmental law, company and partnership law , employment and Equality, European law, human rights and immigrations law , housing and land law and more.

If I am not satisfied with your medical writing, how do you address the issues?

At Tutors India, our first motto offers 100% customer satisfaction, so it is a very rare event. However, we provide the guarantee of the unlimited revisions*, so you need not worry about it.

If I need some customization in the academic law writing? Do you help me?

Of course, we ready to help our clients. Our law writing service is completely flexible, and tailor made to the customer. Hence, if you can provide the areas of customization related to research area initially proposed, we could make amendments to the law writing.

Can you show me sample work of academic law writing?

Yes, we have an uploaded some of the academic writing works samples. For more details, let talks with our academic law writers.

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