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Are you looking for unique, innovative & convincing Ph.D. dissertation topic based on the strong research gap substantiated with the latest review? Do you want to assess the feasibility of uniqueness of dissertation topic being selected by you? Are you looking to conduct a brainstorming session with our expertise about topic selection?

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We Select Ph.D. level Topic for your UK dissertation

At Tutors India, we offer thought-provoking suggestions for dissertation topics and titles keeping in mind your viability in the job market..

Our Process

Tutors India Difference in Topic Selection – Well conceptualized with clear set of aims

Identification of topic and research area would be difficult, challenging and poses a major obstacle to several researchers across the world. As doctorate dissertation need to a) provide original contributions to the field’s knowledge base, b) should reflect scholar’s writing, analytical, and training skills, c) reflects on the program, department, college and university as well, d) identifies society as an important player and e) individual reputation, along with university and advisor. Thus, dissertation remains the center of the doctoral degree while poor dissertation would lead frustration and drop out from the program.

The starting point of any Ph.D. dissertation is to identify well-conceptualized topic with a clear set of aims substantiated by convincing reasons. Yet, such process would be challenging as it needs sufficient investment of time and energy. This is even more challenging for students from non-English speaking countries such as Brazil, Chinese, Malays, Singaporeans, Indonesia and other Asian countries. Let Tutors India Ph.D. experts handle your topic selection based on the gap and need for the study. Our writers will identify the right topic based on your experience and passion towards research.

Unique & Innovative Topic Selection based on the recent trends

Tutors India Dissertation topic/ title provide a convincing rationale for critical decisions. There are several factors that influence the selection of a dissertation topic that includes faculty and student-related factors, the eventual audience of published works, research funding, the nature of the topic, trend and duration of the study. At Tutors India we select topics from the following sources, viz., from student, supervisor, and external organization

Student: As this would reflect some long-standing interest that they would have developed during the part of the course.

Guide/supervisor /mentor/professor: Whom they would have built a relationship as part of an ongoing research project and their potential publications and,

Organization or Industry: An external organization where they are currently working (may be an industry problem).

Research papers: We help you to get ideas from research papers including database like PROQUEST, Science Direct, JSTOR, Emerald, Web of Science, IEEE, Google Scholar…

Resources (faculty and classes taken): Course topics and faculty influence on selection of Ph.D. dissertation topic

A Ph.D. UK dissertation topic selection

Topic selection for the Ph.D. dissertation is important as the experience gained at this stage would provide enormous benefits (e.g., tractability, reach, data availability, obtaining a job, work experience, gain analytical skills, contribution to knowledge, learning new methodology, resonance with organizational culture and improve research skills).

We Select Topic for your UK doctorate dissertation

At Tutors India, we offer a topic that is well-grounded in the scholarly literature, manageable with given time frame, resources, availability of data sources, within your range of competence. Significant in practical or theoretical terms? Original & not been done before & ensure that the topic takes you where you want to go.

What Services do we offer under doctorate dissertation topic selection?

We offer three levels of Ph.D. dissertation topic services based on area of your interest, employers want, supervisors already know, & research papers,

Basic 3-4 topics along with the research aim
Advanced One standard topic selection and 500 words outline with research aim, objectives, literature review, research methodology, data analysis guidelines and references lists (upgradable)
Premium one standard topic with 1000 words along with advanced features and expected contribution, research gap, and bibliography for additional reading (upgradable)

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Specialized Subject Matter Expertise across the globe

We offer topic Selection for Management, Social Science, Engineering, Technology, Life Science, Medical, Arts & Literature / Linguistics, and much more

Our Writers

All your Topics are chosen by qualified and experienced researchers from the US & UK

Our Ph.D. writers have robust experience in research methodology, industry (domain specific), and educational degrees from international and top-ranked universities from India, the US, and the UK.

Our Writers

How Does it work?

After the order is confirmed, we allocate the special team to scrutinize the work regarding necessary availability requirements that would be essential to complete the work. Once the process is done, in case there are any queries, we ensure to ask during the initial stage of your work and send you the outline proposed for writing secondary data collection based dissertation. Once the outline along with the chapterization plan is approved, we will dispatch the work in chapters, and update you on the progress of your work. Our exclusive coordinators would get in touch with you to clarify any queries. You can also pay in installments and work will be started as soon as receive the payments. We deliver your work as per the schedule fixed and agreed or even before the schedule.

Our Writers

Ph.D. Topic Selection Service Features

Based on Research Gap

The dissertation topics are selected based on the research gap and future recommendations proposed by previous researchers. Our topic selection is driven by your research question that is interested in exploring. We adjust and iterate the topic based on the research question and as we start finding the new resources. Tutors India ensures that topic is not too narrow or broad.

Detailed Literature Review & Industry Problem

The Aim and research objectives proposed which would be developed based on the detailed literature review and industry problem. We use a wide range of information to discover the topic including statistics, news reports, textbooks, historical information and of course recent peer-reviewed scholarly articles from the peer-reviewed journals.

Proposed Methodology & Expected Outcome

A literature review would be key in your dissertation. Therefore, we provide recent articles published in the proposed area and gaps identified and proposed a methodology which would also cover research design, qualitative or quantitative, target population, data collection methods, tools used and finally expected outcome.

Well-Conceptualized & Precise Ph.D. Topic Speaks about Your Research

To support our argument, we offer detailed references lists and bibliography.

Special Offer & Free

Free: Order a dissertation proposal, you will get free dissertation topic & outline – Use Promo code: PHDTOPICPROP

Discounts: Pay for your proposal and get the same amount discounted while ordering full dissertation – Promo Code: PHDPROPDISS

Free Offers along with your PhD Dissertation Topic Dissertation Writing Services

We deliver more than your expectation –Abstract or Executive Summary, Graphs & Tables (redrawn), statistical analysis or textual analysis of data, SPSS / other software screen shots to ensure the process that we had carried out for doing the analyses Free Tutoring for the work being carried out – to speak confidently with your program supervisors & SPSS output in Appendix.

Our Ph.D. topic selection service is exclusive

as we do not just provide topics, but the rather clear explanation and justification for the choice

Your Ph.D. Topic

Check the sample topic selection from our expert writers

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Quality Assurance

We ensure quality at every stage and the process.

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Plagiarism Report

We deliver the document after scanning for plagiarism

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Customer Interaction

We interact with the customer at every stage in terms of amendments, query and delivery.

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Why Choose Tutors India for Ph.D. Topic Selection: Our Service Features

Qualified researchers, unlimited revision, only peer-reviewed articles, plagiarism report, 24/7 support, 100% match with the requirement and on time delivery

Our Guarantees

A complete secure & Confidential Service

We offer 100% confidentiality of client’s personal details, payment details, project works, and copyrights of research works. We ensure following for the conditionality, security & privacy: 1) All your projects are given unique reference codes 2) Documents are accessed only writers who signed NDA with Tutors India 3) Your financial information is protected b 128-bit secure socket layer (SSL) encryption.

Fully Referenced

Our dissertation work is fully referenced with latest articles and textbooks. We refer only peer-reviewed sources such as scholarly articles and textbook to select the topic. We refer database including Web of Science, ProQuest, Google Scholar, Business Source Complete, and latest newspapers articles such as Economic Times, Forbes, The Wall Street, The Economics to identify the industrial problem.

Our Guarantees

(1) Unlimited Revision for the work being committed. (2) We ensure on-time delivery (3) We support 24/7. (4) Our word count committed does not include references and bibliography & help you to locate the sources cited (5) Ensure three-level quality check including Technical QC, Editor QC and final check against the requirement (6) Confidentiality of the information (7) Plagiarism free work – less than 5% percent. (8) Only experienced and subject specific writers will be allotted.

Plagiarism Free Work

We are aware of the consequences of plagiarism. Hence, topic selection is completely plagiarism Free. Our work is scanned against online sources in a similar way like WriteCheck or Turnitin. We wanted to ensure that our clients i.e., researchers and students are not finding any issues with regards to plagiarism and so we issue plagiarism-free certificate*. Our streamlined and high-quality research writing process ensures your dissertation is not just copy-pasted, but written only after brainstorming sessions with our team of professional researchers.

On Time

Our work is delivered at a specified date and time. Our specific changes to the delivered work will be carried out within 45 days of delivery. We guarantee delivery of minor changes within 24 working hours and significant changes within 48 working hours. We acknowledge all your emails within 30 minutes of working hours. Further any delay in the delivery can be raised at

Experienced Writers

Our writers have experience in research methodology, industry experience, and educational degrees from international and top-ranked universities from India, the US, and the UK. We identify the perfect SME according to your subject and area. Expert is selected through a stringent selection process including the signing of non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement. You can be very sure about the quality of the work since expert writer is identified as per International Research Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

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On which areas you provide PhD dissertation topics and outline?

At tutorsindia, we provide PhD dissertation topics in wide areas of research such as employee engagement dissertations, customer buying behavior dissertation, project management dissertation, knowledge management dissertation, International marketing, performance management, strategic management and business policy, management of technology, international business, total quality management, public relation theories dissertation and many more. We also offer topics for various subjects such as MBA in HR, HRM, Finance, Economics, Operations, Nursing, medical, geographic, accounting, history, sociology, English, Music, advertising, fashion, tourism, architecture, computer science, politics, art, statistics.

What Information that I need to provide while ordering for PhD dissertation topic and outline?

To provide topic and match exactly with your requirement, provide key research interested areas within your scope, target country, industry experience and feasibility of data collection, if any. And any other information that our writer should know also can be provided from your end.

How I can use my PhD dissertation outline and topics?

The topics we provide would provide you clear and precise understanding of the proposed research area and ensure that you move in the right direction. A dissertation topic can be used You can get familiarize with the proposed research area This topic would provide right direction and enable you to speak confidently with your tutor. You can discuss with your mentor/tutor and finalize the topics Outline proposal can be formulated Initial research on the topic can be initiated Time plan to complete your dissertation Based on the discussion with your tutor and independent you can develop further ideas

What if I require some customization in the PhD topics we deliver?

Our service is completely flexible and tailor made to the customer. Hence, if you can provide the areas of customization related to research area initially proposed, we can make amendments in the dissertation topics.

Is there any option that I can use my PhD dissertation topic and outline as a proposal?

The outline and dissertation topics that we provide is only a starting valuable guidelines enable to kick start your dissertation writing. The requirement suits only for customized titles and introduction writing; therefore, it can only serve as guidelines for writing your proposal. Further, dissertation research proposal would have different set of guidelines and instructions specific to the university, and hence you should not be confused or expect research proposal with this requirement. However, we are happy to provide a custom proposal for your dissertation. To order a custom research proposal, you need to fill simple online order form along with the university guidelines.

What if my guide/professor rejects the PhD topic and outline?

The service we provide is completely flexible. Hence, we can tailor-made or customize your delivered topics based on the research area provided initially. Simply provide your modifications and we will deliver you according to the requirement.

Your Dissertation is written by your choice of Subject Matter Expertise

We have a team of 2000+ expertise across the subjects & countries (including the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, France, Russia & Ukraine)

Voice of Our customer

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    The way you explained the topic was really good. In fact, I was little stunned with the team especially the ‘Dr.’ has full capability and skills to explain all my queries. Initially I had little hesitation to approach, but after speaking to them, I gained 100% confidence. I recommend speaking to the experts, they will certainly clarify all your queries.

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    4 times my research topic is rejected so I contact Tutors India, recommend by one of my friend, thank you so much Tutors India such an impressive topic selection. I revert back for my further chapter writing support.

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  • Top Quality MBA Dissertation | PhD Thesis writing Services | Masters & DBA

    Thank you Tutors India for giving me wonderful topic selection, it got approved and further from research proposal to citation, I need a same support.

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