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Assignment on Management Research Methods

The sample work discusses the different philosophies and research methods adopted for the management research.

Application of Theory of International business – A Case study of McDonald

The sample essay discusses the application of theory of international business in the context of US based McDonald, Fast food Chain restaurant.

Describe how and then explain why the conduct of management research (the reality) differs from the plans which the researcher makes.

The sample assignment critically analyses the personal reflection on how student conduct management research project and challenges faces during the process.

Identify five lessons you would pass on to new MSc management students with regard to undertaking management research

The sample assignment identified five lessons that would pass on to new MSc management students are strategic planning, original idea, from concept to results, present trends, and efficient throughput.

Identify the six most important characteristics of a small-scale management research project

The sample assignment identified the six most important characteristics of a small-scale management research projects along with personal feedback on the management research project

Drivers and imperatives influence outsourcing and offshoring

This assignment highlights about the various drivers and imperatives influences outsourcing and also critically analyze the factors that influence offshoring and outsourcing.

Asset Pricing Model

The model discusses the association that exists between the risk as well as the expected return that is utilized in the deciding of the securities prices at risk. The common theme behind the Capital Asset Pricing Model is that a potential investor could be compensated in the following ways- the risk associated and the time value of the money.

Strategic People Management – Theories of Strategic HRM (SHRM)

In terms of both academics and practical, the strategic human resources management (SHRM) has a greater dominance for two decades. Persons such as Schuler (1997), Niniger (1980), Galbraith and Mathanson (1978), sweet (1982), Davis (1981), Lindtroh (1982) have done extensive research in developing models for the strategic human resources management.

Comparison of Case Study – BP versus SHELL

The global energy market is highly volatile. Factors such as demographics, urbanization, liberalization of the market and the soaring demand for energy contribute to the volatility of the energy market. British Petroleum is the world’s second-largest energy company, and Royal/Dutch Shell Group (Shell) is the world’s third-largest energy company.

Business Plan for a Plastic Surgery Practice

Plastic surgery is an area in the business market that is growing quite rapidly. The cosmetic surgery industry has undergone tremendous changes in the last two decades. While plastic surgeons do undergo extensive training.

Case study I: Holly Farm

Fred and Gillian invested all their savings in a diary and arable farm which was constructed as a recreational source for the town inhabitants. While Fred took care of the farm, Gillian involved herself in promotional activities and managing the farm.

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