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Phd or DBA thesis / dissertation writing requires extensive referencing search, including text books, journal articles, monographs, newspaper articles, etc. we provide you the full articles that were used for referencing which help to check the authentication. Thus, our Phd thesis writing service is comprehensive and ensures quality, which helps you to defend your research in front of your external committee.

We help you at all stages, including

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Steps in writing PhD Dissertation

A first step in any dissertation, in particular, PhD thesis writing one must select a unique topic which has not been done elsewhere. In order to develop a topic, extensive literature search has to be undertaken by referencing many sources. Thus, proper research gaps need to be identified and based on the gaps, scholar must develop a topic which must be unique and reflect the study purpose. At this place, TutorsIndia comes in hand to help the researchers to select a suitable topic as a start for the complete PhD thesis support. In general the title should have following keywords, so that by looking at the title one should be able to understand the study purpose and also keen on read the entire article. The title should have following key words.

  •  Area of the study
  •  Problem, question, or issues as possible
  •  Findings of the study
  •  Study design
  • Ethnicity
  • Place of the study

Steps in writing PhD Dissertation Selection of Topic A first step in any dissertation, in particular, PhD thesis writing one must select a unique topic which has not been done elsewhere. In order to develop a topic, extensive literature search has to be undertaken by referencing many sources. Thus, proper research gaps need to be identified and based on the gaps, scholar must develop a topic which must be unique and reflect the study purpose. At this place, TutorsIndia comes in hand to help the researchers to select a suitable topic as a start for the complete PhD thesis support. In general the title should have following keywords, so that by looking at the title one should be able to understand the study purpose and also keen on read the entire article. The title should have following key words Area of the study Problem, question, or issues as possible Findings of the study Study design Ethnicity Place of the study Once TutorsIndia selects the title for your PhD thesis please show it to your professor or guide and explain the way that you have designed the title (TutorsIndia provides thesis viva guidance also) and when a cross check is conducted by your supervisor whether the same title has not been conducted elsewhere, you can be very sure because we research each and every topic and do not provide plagiarized work.

Research proposal Development

Before writing your thesis, you need to develop a research proposal or proposed work, which will have the same format of the dissertation except results, discussion, conclusion and recommendation. Developing research proposal from TutorsIndia directs / guides you for the main thesis in an easy way since we are clear and knowledge-enough to explain how a research work should be conducted. The following is the structure of the research proposal.

  •  Title: Tentative title (it can be wide, but should be concise)
  •  Chapter 1: Introduction / Back ground of the study / Problem statement
  •  Chapter II: Review of Literature and Research Framework
  •  Chapter IV: Research Methodology, Tools used and Outcome of the study.
  • Reference & Bibliography
  • Appendix: Proposed questionnaires

Literature Review

Literature review contributes 40 percent of weightage. Hence more effort should be taken to collective exhaustive up to date literature that has been published from various countries or conducted among different ethnic groups. Thus, a researcher need to collect relevant literature, including empirical, historical, philosophical literatures related to a problem stated. Though this is an exhaustive task, Tutors India is a pioneer in handling this work in your PhD thesis writing. The research scholar no need to review the theory and the major research as they can easily get the final literature review from us that provides the immediate background of the researcher's problem, and furnishes the uniqueness and importance of the present study with that of earlier published study (identification of research gaps). Once Tutors India’s expertise found the research gaps, a research framework will be developed for your Phd Thesis writing based on the available empirical literature that contributes significantly to frame the research.

Tutors India, we assist in developing exhaustive literature review from various academic sources including journals, text books, and newspaper articles and develops a research framework / conceptual framework, hypothesis and questionnaire with appropriate sources. The Literature review for your PhD thesis will be done by the experts of Tutors India. All the referencing will be up to date, and sources will be shared to the PhD Research Scholars / students. At least a minimum of eighty references will be used to develop a research framework. Over thousands of students have benefited from our service exclusively for Literature Review.

Questionnaire Development

In PhD dissertation research work, the questionnaire development is an important step as it decides the study outcome. Before developing a questionnaire, following has to be followed strictly for the better outcome.

  • Do not develop a questionnaire when there are questionnaires already available.
  • Hunt for already developed and validated questionnaire which will ease your process.
  • Questionnaire must be understandable and readable
  • Design draft questionnaire and distribute to the expertise for face and content validity.
  • Pre-test the questionnaire before pilot study
  • Use simple language and appropriate for that particular population
  • Avoid yes or no and double negatives options
  • Use Likert Type Scale Response Anchors

At Tutors India, we provide help in your Phd thesis questionnaire development. Not only the questionnaire, but we also support in the reliability and validation process. Our expertise have rich experience in developing questionnaire using scales, questions for interview guide, focus group discussion, structured and unstructured questionnaire, open and closed format, matrix and contingency questions. We have trained expertise exclusively for questionnaire development and research framework for your PhD thesis.

Data collection

Data collection depends on the research design (quantitative or qualitative design). TutorsIndia helps in survey tool validation and also online and face to face data collection process. We help you to conduct surveys [in person Interviews: Formal to informal; structured to unstructured; focus group discussion, observations, self-administered questionnaire, diaries, citizen report cards, Delphi techniques, expert judgment, online surveys, secondary sources such as journals, newspaper articles, annual reports, government sources such as census, budgets, policies, procedures, etc.

Results / Statistical data Analysis

Statistical analysis is an important step and contributes 40 per cent of weightage of your entire PhD dissertation or your PhD thesis. At Tutors India, we assist you in exhaustive analysis and interpretation of the report. We perform following analyses such as follows which will not only help you in your PhD thesis writing but also in PhD journal article Publication.

  • Exploratory analysis To check normality [Kolmogorov Smirnov test], outliers, mean, standard deviation, standard error of mean, kurtosis, skewness, minimum. Maximum, standard deviation, confidence interval.
  • Correlation test [Bivariate: Pearson correlation, spearman rank, Kendall's Tau, simple scatter plot, partial correlation]
  • Chi square analysis
  • Reliability analysis Cronbach's alpha, etc.
  • Time series analysis
  • Regression, multiple regression, logistic regression
  • T-test, Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), Analysis of covariance (ANCOVA), , General Liner Model (GLM), Repeated measure design,
  • Non-parametric Test: Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test, The Kruskal Wallis Test, Mann-Whitney Test, Multivariate Analysis of variance (MANOVA)
  • Forecasting analysis [Human, sales, etc. forecasting]
  • Confirmatory Factor analysis
  • Discriminatory analysis
  • Factor analysis
  • Structural Equation Model [SEM]
  • Neural Network
  • Decision Tree analysis
  • Marketing analysis Techniques

We not only help you in the Statistical data analysis but also involved in tutoring of statistical analysis part and provide complete Phd thesis help, which brings you more confidence to defend your PhD thesis.

Pilot Testing

Pilot testing is an important part of any research and before conducting the main study, researchers need to test the questionnaire with small number of participants with diverse socio economic group and geographical areas. However, for a small pilot study, always participants should be drawn from the main study. The field test findings should looked as a whole, each section and individual questions and appropriate revisions has to be made based on results of preliminary findings. The pilot testing helps you on the following.

  • Questions sequencing
  • Rewording question
  • Time frame to conduct the study or per questionnaire
  • Direction of results
  • Help for sample size calculation

Discussion, conclusion and future recommendation

The final part of the Phd thesis or PhD dissertation is the Discussion, conclusion and future recommendation / implications. This section requires understanding of statistical analytical terms such as mean, standard deviation, confidence interval, probability value, beta coefficient, confounders, moderators, reliability, validity, cronbach's alpha, chi square/cross tabulation, etc. Tutors India, equipped with Well experienced research methodology experts, statisticians and subject matter experts provide PhD thesis help in a complete manner. The discussion and conclusion section needs to emphasize interpretation of findings with the existing literature and highlighting critically with results (similarity, differences and providing proper justification). Besides, research work needs to provide the appropriate recommendations, limitation in terms of the research design, sample size, questionnaire validity, etc while concluding the PhD Thesis which will pave the way for the future research work and provide insights to future researchers. At Tutors India, our experienced researchers have extensive knowledge in handling statistical tools and research methodology, will assist you in developing appropriate conclusion for your PhD thesis based on the results Obtained. Our expertise will provide you justification for each and every line that has been included in your thesis and provide saturated Phd thesis support as well.

References and Bibliography

In Phd thesis writing or Master's dissertation writing, referencing is an important part. At TutorsIndia, we provide proper referencing format in all of our thesis writing services, assignment writing services and dissertation writing services as per your request as our expertise has a rich experience in handling different references style. References should be always selective, comprehensive, pertinent and accurate. For referencing style, you need to check with the university format, however, if not try to adhere to any one style of referencing. The following is the format of referencing style. Harvard, APA, BMJ, Chicago, MHRA, MLA, OSCOLA, Oxford, Software, Turabian, Vancouver, IEEE, CSE (CBE), AGS, AGPS, AGLC


APA Style of format

Asha, M. H., Dravidan, D. P., & Harlow, T. (1993). Actions need to be completed. Journal of Social Psychology, 65, 1195-1207.

BMJ style of format

Nantulya V, Reich M. The neglected epidemic: road traffic injuries in developing countries. BMJ 2002;324: 1139.

Vancouver style of format

Vickers A. Guidelines for authors of books and papers on complementary medicine. Complement Ther Med 1999;7:245-9.

Fore more referencing style

Synopsis preparation support from Tutors India

A synopsis is developed after completing a full thesis and this can be called as 'Mini-Thesis' as it cover all the details but roughly in 12-15 pages. At Tutors India, we assist in preparing synopsis for your PhD thesis. The PhD synopsis will have following headings

  • Introduction
  • Motivation of the study
  • Objectives / Research questions
  • Hypothesis of the study
  • Description of the research work
  • Findings
  • List of publications based on the research work
  • References
  • Proposed content of the thesis / Chapterization details

TutorsIndia's PhD Defense preparation support or Public Viva Voce Examination

PhD Defense is a special occasion as all your years' of work will be presented and justified within two hours of presentation. Hence more care should be taken on your presentations and other part of the challenge is to convince the external committee members. The PhD thesis defense support provided by TutorsIndia is extraordinary in terms of quality research, expected questions their answers, PowerPoint presentation, suitable editing and up to the final presentation. The PhD Defense presentation should include the following.

  • Problem statement
  • Why is it important in current scenario and what's the difference between present and past research
  • Findings of the study
  • Tools used (with proper referencing)
  • Publications, conferences attended if any should be included
  • Awards received as part of your research
  • Not more than 30 slides
  • Do not forget to include in-text references as this add value to your presentation
  • Do not read the slides as the committee presented are experts in your field
  • At last do not forgot to provide a slide on 'Acknowledgement'

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