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How To Write A Dissertation Proposal For A Research Paper?

Dissertation proposal isn’t mandatory in all universities, but is the standard way to begin the process of dissertation. A dissertation...

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What Is A Qualitative Data Analysis And What Are The Steps Involved In It?

Qualitative Study Qualitative study is about formulation of concepts that explains a social phenomenon in its settings, giving due importance...

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How To Write A Research Proposal In APA Style

American Psychological Association published their writing style and format for academic writings in their first edition of Publication manual for...

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Meta-Analysis: A Quantitative Approach To Research Integration

Meta-analysis is the statistical analysis and integration of multiple studies with similar concepts. The basic principle of meta-analysis is the...

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How To Write An Abstract: Some Useful Tips

Abstract: An abstract is the summary of the paper provided at the beginning of a dissertation. The abstract contains the...