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Agrawal, A., J. F. Jaffe and G. N. Mandelker (1992), ‘The post-merger performance of acquiring firms: A re-examination of an anomaly’, Journal of Finance, Vol. 47, pp.1605- 1622.

According to the American Accounting Association’s Committee on Human Resource Accounting (1973), Human Resource Accounting is nothing but “the process of identifying and measuring data related to human

Beaudoin, P, Moore, M. & Goldsmith, R 1998, “Young fashion leaders and followers attitudes toward American and imported apparel,” Journal of Product & Brand Management, vol. 7, no.3, pp.193-207.

Birtwistle, G, & Freathy, P 1998, ‘More than just a name above the shop: A comparison of branding strategies of two UK fashion retailers’, International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, vol. 26, no.8, pp.318-323.

Efficient approaches applied to hierarchical clustering in analysing the ALL / AML.

Cancer research is one of the major research areas in the medical field. Accurate prediction of different tumour types has great value in providing better treatment and toxicity minimization on the patients.

Comparitive Study Of Outcomes Between Late Preterm And Term Babies .

The Annual National Assessment (ANA) is a summative assessment of the knowledge and skills that learners are expected to have developed by the end of grades 1 to 6 and 9.

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