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Critical Review of Young teenagers

This paper presents a view about teenagers’ perceptions about obesity. The authors have presented a critical review of a study conducted in the past about teenagers’ perceptions to obesity and outline the pros and cons of the study in question.

Motor Evoked Potential (MEP) Recording from Vocal Cords

The main concern involved in any spinal or spinal cord surgeries is the injury of any nerve that supplies to the spinal cord. To monitor and reduce the frequency of such injuries, Neurophysiological Intra-operative Monitoring.

Does Cardiometabolic Health Determine IVF Treatment Outcomes?

Infertility is a global health concern that affects approximately 50 million people worldwide or those with the inability to start an integrated family [1].

Nurses Experience of Mentorship

The profession of nursing shows a great variance in perception between how it is viewed by laymen and how nursing care is delivered. This may be contributory to the education of nurses in general (Tichelaar et al., 2013).

Public Perspectives & Engagement In Cognitive Stimulation Activity To Preserve Cognitive Reserve Among Elderly In Malaysia

All humans experience a decrease in the cognitive levels as their age progresses with signs and symptoms such as forgetfulness, decrease in attention span (focus), decreased ability to solve problems etc. A lack of attention to these symptoms may lead the individual to develop serious mental illnesses such as dementia.

Electro spun Nano fibrous Scaffold using Hybrid Polymer for Skin Tissue Regeneration

Nanofibre (NF) is defined “as a slender, elongated thread-like object or structure on the nanoscale, from several hundred to several thousand nanometres”. The use of NF is seen to be an emerging, interdisciplinary area of research.

Contemporary Theories of Nursing Practice- Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is an issue that exists globally which not only causes physical distress but is also concerned with an associated mental anguish (Matczak et al., 2011). Additionally, this domestic abuse has economic repercussions too Allard.

Proposed Critical Appraisal of Research Paper

The paper examines and critically appraises the methodological quality of the research and the effectiveness and acceptability of Short Message Services (SMS) for medication adherence. The publication under scrutinization.

Research Methodology

The deductive approach said to characterize the quantitative methodology while inductive to qualitative (Bryman & Bell, 2011). The former has adopted when there are a predefined research question and theory-testing while the later focused on theory development in a much more naturalistic (Bryman, 2004).

Evidence Based Heath care

Although research supports that incorporating evidence-based practice (EBP) promotes high-value quality of patient care and reduced costs, evidence show that standard of care has not practiced consistently by nurses

An Evidence-Based Approach on the efficacy of Botox in treating glabellar frown lines

In the present days, the cosmetic surgery has become increasingly popular in the domain of the natural personal care industry. Cosmeceuticals are advanced cosmetic pharmaceutical hybrids with additional ingredients those can enhance beauty as well as other health related benefits.

Biomembrane for guide bone regeneration

The strategy of utilizing a mat-like material (resorbable or non-resorbable) for the isolation of the periodontal defect, which would function as a physical barrier to avoid gingival cell invasion led to the development of GTR/GBR (Karring et al., 1993; Magnusson et al., 1988).

Antibacterial effects of pure metals on bacteria growing in planktonic cultures and biofilms

Antibiotic resistance in pathogenic bacteria is emerging as an issue of serious concern in bio-medical research as well as food & health organizations. Metal complexes are currently being employed in medical devices for their inhibition to bacterial adherence and antibacterial activities.

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