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Assignment on Cultural differences between India and Europe

This paper offers a detailed look into the cultural and traditional variations that exist between India and the Europe. It also identifies areas where major differences can be observed while presenting inputs to 'Telmarket' for market penetration while keeping in mind the diversity of the nation.

Developing New Training Programmes

This paper talks about the significance of training programmes. In particular, it highlights the benefits that can be derived from conducting training programmes that are structured to present international conglomerates with an idea about the Indian market environment and the areas where they should focus to create an impact.

Assignment on Strategy Marketing Management

This paper briefly outlines McDonald's as a leading fast food chain which has been witnessing a drop in sales of late. The paper evaluates aspects that led to a drop in sales and indicates measures or strategies that the organization should utilize to boost their sales and regain their market reputation with the help of strategic marketing management.

Customer satisfaction at Taj Indian Restaurant

Customers’ expectations for value, in relation to price, also seem to be on the rise: people want more for their money. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of marketing. The ability to satisfy customer is vital for a number of reasons.

EMI, Music Industry in UK

In every culture and level of society, music pervades. In OECD countries, music contributes to significant contribution to the industry in terms of revenue and export.

Indian banking industry

In the banking companies act,1949 a banking company in India has been one “which transacts the business of banking which means the accepting, for the purpose of lending or investment of deposits of money from the public, repayable on demand or otherwise and withdraw able by cheque, draft, order or otherwise.”

Marketing Strategy of TESCO

The marketing plan for Tesco plc has been discussed in this paper. The company is the largest retail chain in U.K. This paper includes various strategies that are to be followed which are significant in handling the challenges posed in the market both external as well as internal means.

Marketing Principles – Shaping Your Future

Greggs was started as a small shop and bakery in 1951. It has since grown, with 1,650 shops, and nine regional bakeries. The bakery currently has 19,500 people in its employ who serve in different domains such as retails, administration, management and the bakery itself.


The following report is one on the marketing audit and marketing analysis of a leading car rental company in the UK; Europcar. Europcar is a car rental company that was started in Paris, however, has expanded to all parts of Europe. This analysis is specific to Europcar in the UK.

Marketing sample

The report analyses the strategy adopted by Starbucks. The strategy adopted can be studied well through understanding the vision, mission, core values and objectives of Starbucks which emphasizes a strong vision and need in improvement in the mission statement.

Evaluating Public Relations Practice

Public relation practice has undergone tremendous change in the recent years with emerging technology and media influence. Stakeholder power in public relation has now increased with improved communication methods among groups of stakeholders (Van der Merwe, Pitt & Abratt, 2005).

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