Importance of Peer-review of scholarly journals to a scholar-practitioner

Importance of Peer-review of scholarly journals to a scholar-practitioner

Importance of Peer-review of scholarly journals to a scholar-practitioner

As a scholar-practitioner and also for any researcher it is very important to understand the importance of peer review of scholarly journals, as scholarly knowledge is communicated via only academic journals and research conferences that are meant for scholars and academicians. According to the experts, the purpose is to report or publish the original or experimentation that has been conducted by the researchers in order to make available such information to all the scholarly practitioners and researchers who are in the same area of interest. A peer-review of scholarly journals contains three elements, according to the online is libraries, 1) They are mainly related to research or academic studies 2) it shows the methods and scholar’s attitude 3) manner and appearance of the scholar or researcher would be shown. The scholarly journal is important for the practitioners as it would contain citation which gives a basic idea about published article including title, date, and year of publishing, authors, and the information source. Apart from this information, the article also contains ‘Abstract’, which gives overview or summary of the full text. Sometimes we may also get the full text of the peer review journals, which depends on the access to that particular source, or it could free access which could be read immediately, and the symbol would be provided when the article could be full accessed.

Violent behavior

Violent behavior is mainly result of problems that arise due to poor parenting; poor self-esteem, poor criminal conscience building, loss of feeling, rage at the wrong target, messages that are displayed on the TV or due to the influence of parental behavior, etc. are the some of the main causes for the violent behavior of the person. To prevent violent behavior in our society, then we need to follow the strategies which are provided below. However these are the complete strategies, this only provides the hint. At first, we need to stop teaching the children about the unhappiness and place more on the integrity which are more personal, and reduction of societal numbing would also help to reduce the violence.

Secondly, TV shows which focusing on children should focus more on the personal values which are the right thing and wrong thing, and now more schools have found that these values are agreed by the parents, school personnel and politicians about teaching the children about the commonly held values, and moreover these values produce more self-esteem. However, these types of values won’t work, rather focusing on the reduction of TV and movie violence that are currently scapegoats for the societal violence would make much difference in the society than the values which are taught in the schools.

Thirdly, giving, messages which are conscious building through speakers over many times a day would considerably reduce the violence. Messages such as “it is wrong to steal, do not harm anyone else, raping is wrong” etc. Many who are criminals today, are not received such messages whey they are in childhood, hence providing such messages would change their lives as well as the society. To summarize, there are many ways to avoid violence and which could make the significant reduction in our society violence. Hence let’s make some hard choices, as today’s violence is caused by avoiding some personal choices which are considered as difficult.

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