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Assignment on Management Research Methods

Ontology is defined in terms of our views on the nature of reality whether objective (what really exists) or subjective (what is created mentally). Ontology deals with the question of what reality is; whether what we perceive really exists or is only what we think exists.

Performance and Compensation

This paper delves into a performance and compensation management issue that occurred at Foster’s, the leading Australian beer producer. The idea behind this paper is to understand how performance and compensation management made an impact at Foster’s.

Vulnerable Persons Module

Human beings are potential to vulnerability and this is even more visible as they turnold age. This is because many will encounter significant health challenges related to their cognitive, psychiatric and physical problems.

Managing Financial Resources and Decisions - Shaping Your Future – A Vocational Scenario- Marks and Spencer

The concept of finance revolves around financial literacy and financial education. Financial literacy deals with the ability of an individual to handle financial resources using his knowledge and expertise so as to ensure financial well-being long term.

Interpersonal skills in a business environment

Rungapadiachy, (1999), defines Interpersonal skills as follows. They are “those skills which one needs in order to communicate effectively with another person or a group of people.” These days, business companies working in global and competitive business atmosphere, are putting lots of efforts to outperform its competitors.

Is effective risk management practices be a competitive advantages for sustained earnings for commercial Banks in Nigeria? – An Empirical Study

The banking industry faces immense pressure in terms of regulatory and changes in consumer expectations. In order meet the demands and create competitive advantage, there is a need for effective risk management strategy.

Human Resource Management in the Health Sector of Ministry of Health

The present chapter discusses the result of quantitative analysis collected among HR department employees of Ministry of Health (MOH). An objective of the study is to identify HR capabilities and skills and their level of integration with organizational health strategy.

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