Challenges in Research & Academic Supervision

Challenges in Research & Academic Supervision


Challenges in Research & Academic Supervision: How Tutors India assists you in Academic & Scientific Research & Analysis Services? An Improved face of Tutors India

Students face a variety of challenges in research and thesis (or academic) writing aspects. The most critical challenge that they face is during their research process especially not being familiar with the research process, difficulties in topic selection and lack of knowledge about research methodology. “You cannot do anything else until you figured out the basic focus of your topic or research problem and expected the outcome that you’re looking for”, says Dr Nancy, a pioneer researcher in Tutors India, who earned her PhD in Management & Psychology Research from Prestigious University.

Other studies also did found lack of research materials to find a good research topic. Besides, almost 70% of them had difficulties in research interaction. Amongst all, the most revolve around are research design, data collection and process and writing of the research report (Ekpoh, 2016) especially in countries where the second language speakers of English (L2) or novice researchers (Jun, 2008). The challenge is even higher and frustrating as it does not only impact negatively on the supervisory relationship and this has been further exacerbated by the differing assumptions and expectations of the stakeholders (Strauss, 2012). Braxley (2005), in her grounded theory, interviewed five Asian graduate students studying at a US university. Research revealed that the US students lack familiarity with the convention of research and academic writing as what they were taught and their expectations from them were quite different. Studies across the world, emphasised the importance of a “critical awareness for the linguistic and rhetorical aspects of research writing by utilizing various sources of learning” (Li, 2007, p.73). Students at the graduate level need to write some sort every week as weekly entries to online discussion boards, critical reviews of reading materials as part of their assignments, research proposals, research papers, writing critical literature review, writing critical books reviews, referencing style (APA correctly), reference/plagiarism (avoid plagiarism or cite to support your paraphrasing) and many more (Cennetkuşu, 2017).

Guiding research and project is likely the most complex and finest form of education which is involved by the faculty members. Supervisors should not just experienced researchers, but they also should know familiar with methods which make research effective. While supervising students of second language English speakers, there would not be structure to the writing, at the time, it would be simply written down a series of random thoughts. More than research, the vocabulary although being good, but the problem has been how to use vocabulary to write a good paragraph or to arrange the sentence in a good paragraph or to be easier to understand for the readers (Strauss, 2012); have less facility of expression; takes them longer to write; have a less rich vocabulary; difficult to make claims for their research with the appropriate amount of force, challenge to interpret qualitative research articles than quantitative research (Flowerdew, 1999).

Unavailability of the supervisor due to having executive position or involvement in multiple activities was another challenge faced by the academic students (student pursuing PhD (Ghadirian et al., 2014)): Tutors India, a pioneer in Academic & Scientific Research & Analysis Services since 2001. Faculties of Tutors India are familiar to research methodology (Qualitative & Quantitative or mixed method research) and academic paper (PhD Dissertation & DBA research) writing especially for the US and the UK Universities. Our Tutors India faculties have proficient skill in supervision, an independent from teaching. Tutors India also integrated project management software that would facilitate interaction between students, faculties and dedicated client support manager. For more information on our faculties and supervisors, please contact +91-XXXXXX, visit