Engineering Strategy Coursework Marking Scheme



1.Manufacturing Strategy Document

Summary statement of the designed manufacturing strategy for the chosen company. 0 The strategy should summarise the detail of the decisions associated with the 12 elements identified in the question.

2.The Assignment Text

Extent of appropriate research on the chosen company, its competitors, its products, its markets, its customers, and its sector trends. Development and completion of justified and appropriate company objectives and strategies. Application of strategic concepts and theory Understanding and use of the Terry Hill Model Discussion of options for the manufacturing strategy elements Justified selection for each element Application of appropriate theory Depth and breadth of relevant comments in comparing the proposed manufacturing strategy with the deduced existing manufacturing strategy. Identification of relevant recommendations for the implementation of the proposed manufacturing strategy. Identification of relevant recommendations associated with communication issues. Appropriateness of proposed strategy evaluation measures. Demonstration of the need for the currency of the strategy, and of methods that will help ensure this.