Strategic Marketing management


Applied Research (40%)

(Strategic Marketing Management: A Case Study of XYZ Company)

Purpose & Instructions:

This group project is designed to introduce the student to applied research, and anchored on the course requirements to “critically evaluate how the Management of a UAE organization conceived, designed, implemented and managed one or more components of the Strategic Marketing process. This should culminate in the detailed presentation of specific or multiple Organizational Outcome(s) derived from this exercise in Strategic Marketing.

More specifically, the following should be investigated and presented:

-Problem Statement, including (identification, analysis, personnel involvement)

Strategic Marketing tool (identification, choice-making, integrated or singular, issues arising)

- Internal Marketing of Strategic Marketing Process (including inter-functional collaboration, level(s) of involvement, risks , challenges, contextual issues, management, costs, effects, required adaptations)

- External Marketing Strategic Marketing Process (including effects on all stakeholders and environments)

-Organizational Outcomes (organizational effectiveness, or lack of it thereof)

-Lessons learnt(what could your organizational have done differently)

Time-line and completion:

Team Findings will be orally presented during the last two (2) weeks of course, using power points and other useful supplements. Dr. Chris Mbah Group Assessment Company chosen is the date factory located in UAE more info is mentioned in the attached file power point slides from 15 to 20 max including the cover 1written page which gives us quick information about the main idea, so we can explain to the tutors and the students in the same time.