Controversies on Evidence based practices

Controversies on Evidence based practices

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Controversies On Evidence-based practices

There is still no consensus on what exactly constitutes evidence-based practices, although “evidence-based practices” has become a buzz word in the last few years. What levels of evidence are required, what kind of evidence and how much evidence are required to have an excellent practice is still in debate. Although the evidence obtained through well-conducted research such as tested using randomized controlled trials, manual in detail well performed among clients in controlled studies but still do not meet the practical considerations, thus leading to inapplicability in the field of practical settings. There is no consensus about what constitutes evidence. The definition provided by NCLB provides both qualitative and quantitative evidence without specifying the type of questions that each approach the best answer and moreover there are no standards for the above to validate an intervention as evidence based. There are several types of research has been proved that the evidence-based practices are effective for the treatment, but this results obtained from the careful research has to consider into a real world setting such as particular circumstances, such as individual variation, such as patient age, environment, and genetics.

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