How To Write Your Dissertation Introduction

Writing an introduction to your dissertation is one of the easier parts of the whole process. This doesn’t take away its significance to the paper. A proper introduction is indispensable to a good dissertation. It introduces whole research and the reasons for it to the readers. Any proper introduction provides information on the following:

  1. The background information to give a context to the study
  2. The focus of the study
  3. The value of the research
  4. The aim and objectives of the research

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In other words, it establishes the topic of study and its context, the significance of the research to the field of study.

The background information comes first in the introduction as it provides the context needed to define and understand the research. Once the research problem and the context are established the focus, value, and aims and objectives are given in any fashion suitable to the research and researcher’s style.

Some important tips to write a dissertation introduction:

Write The Introduction Lastly Along With The Abstract And Conclusion

This will provide you an opportunity to be coherent with your conclusion, since rest of the paper will be done, you can have a clear idea what needs to come where.

A dissertation introduction is supposed to have subsections.

Present your ideas clearly and in categories. Provide subsections for each category of information being introduced with proper headings and sub-headings.

There Is No Specific Limit To The Length Of The Introduction

Usually an introduction is about 5-6% of the total length of the dissertation.

Provide some principle references to give an idea about the school of thought your field of study falls into.

This is one reason why it’s better to write the introduction last as it will be easier to refer to the original study and reference literature.

The purpose of introduction is to introduce to the readers the research, its context, value, and the rationale behind it. There is no specific formula but following these guidelines will help ace a great dissertation introduction.

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