How To Write a Dissertation in a Day

Can You Really Write A Dissertation From Scratch In 24 Hours?

Not something in the to-do list of most masters students or PhD scholars.

As someone that’s been a Masters and PhD thesis help for over a decade, this question had me thinking.

The answer is, yes, you can. But it needs a lot of things done beforehand. Like, if you are someone that is starting the process of PhD dissertation topic selection, nope.

To test my theory, I took up a mock challenge and wrote a mock dissertation paper, actually a first draft of an ongoing research, but hey with only 24 hours every draft you do is your final draft. Here’s how I went about it in a systematic way. In the following passages, I will share with you my mantra for writing dissertation in a day, although this may not result in your best shot, it could still do the job.

Of course, the following methods come with a disclaimer, it doesn’t guarantee 100% results nor is it suitable for everyone. Some of you are well off with a dissertation less PhD courses.

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One must have total mastery of the following skills to achieve this task

  1. Fast typing
  2. Thorough knowledge of their result
  3. Academic writing skills
  4. Great music to keep them going

First thing first, Shortcut

For someone in such a quandary, trying out PhD dissertation writing services doesn’t look so bad. You can also assort them a particular part. For example, literature reviews writing service, etc.


You have done your research and for some reason you find yourself in this unique position. Most people will simply give up and already be planning the next attempt. But giving your best shot, no matter the situation, is something for winners. Whatever happens, not giving and giving your best shot in the given time, probably won’t make up for your best dissertation at this point, but will definitely make up for great memories and the attitude alone will take you places. Believing you can do it is the first step in anything, as it is the case here too. Remember, if not for the last minute, nothing ever gets done.

Plan Your Time:

Best thing about having only 24 hours is, you know you don’t have any time to procrastinate anymore and anyway. Also, it’s easy to plan 24 hours than it is to plan 24 weeks. Like, duh, and with so less time all you will do is write, write, write. But the planning is about what to write and when. First step here is to set time to organize the materials both study and otherwise. Then set short deadlines and complete them. Keep moving with the time plan even if it means leaving certain sections incomplete. Set a time at the end to finish the incomplete parts. Another important point to remember is, finish the easier parts first. But leave out introduction and conclusion to the end. This will come in handy.


The most important part once you have the right attitude to take on the challenge is to organize. Begin with organizing materials according to the time-table you have set. This means knowing which study part you’ll need and what other materials that will be required and when. A quick visualization may help. Also, remember to keep essentials like coffee at the go.


Duh, you knew this was coming. Once you have planned your time and organized your work environment, start writing. Write from your heart. Do not think, just write. Have your research and results by heart or visible from your table. Do not stop writing unless, you for a short scheduled a break. Keep going. You’ll be required to write around 100 – 200 pages. So don’t stop till you are done.

Don’t Overthink or Get Bogged Down:

You are well aware of this at this point in your life now. Overthinking is stressful and counter-productive. So is getting stuck in a topic or reading at this point for you. Remember the wise words ‘be like water, my friend’. Keep flowing, in this case.

Friends For Life:

For some of you, it may very well be possible that your predicament is because of your circle. But that doesn’t mean they won’t help you in time of your need. Ask a friend to assist you with your masters or PhD dissertation. If they are layman, they can still help you with other stuff like buy you food, check up on you, provide you with moral support, and edit and proofread, if you think they are up to the task. Use every human resource skillfully.


This is totally up to how and what you eat. Make sure you have enough to keep going but not too much to make you fall asleep

Following what’s given above and being mindful while typing the dissertation and with a bit of above average typing speed may result in a successful paper. What’s not given here and what’s a given in your situation is you don’t get to sleep. A short 15 minutes power nap every 4 or 5 hours may help. So, do include that when you are scheduling your time.

Do write to us if you ever happen to write a dissertation in 24 hours and if what I said here helped.

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