How To Keep Calm And Finish Your Dissertation On Time

It would be surprising to see ‘calm’ and ‘dissertation’ coming together in the title here since the two are often looked at as oxymoron’s that would never go hand in hand.

We at Tutors India know that writing a dissertation is usually the final hurdle for students who’ve completed their academic study. Although the coursework that a student takes up is supposed to help you through your thesis, it hardly is the reality.

The hurdles in producing a good dissertation are usually seen in the following areas of writing one.

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One of the most frequently problems is the commencement of the dissertation writing. Deciding on a particular research is more often looked at with such inhibition. After several scrutinizing, students begin their research. The delay in getting started is reflected in writing the paper. The students tend to fear that their task will not be finished on time and they will not be able to meet the deadlines. The fear that students experience at the very start of doing a dissertation is not easy to brush off throughout the research. It would affect the decisions you take about the area of research, topic, methodology, so on and so forth.

Suitable Thesis Statement

It is important to give the right thesis statement which takes across the purpose of the thesis. A thesis statement is what matters most because on a superficial level, whoever looks at your research, they’d look at the thesis statement first. It is of utmost importance that the idea behind the research is conveyed right, using the appropriate words. Formulating the right thesis statement is not an utterly difficult task but the mere pressure that it is to be perfect weighs upon the minds of the students who try to put it in words. The most important aspect to be considered is to narrow down the research question in a way that it becomes easier to defend the argument. For example, some students would write ‘Problems faced by women in the novel’ which could be reconstructed as ‘Exploring gender issues in the novel’

Formulating A Pertinent Literature Review

A proper literature review ought to furnish a complete analysis of data and materials that were collected and used to compile or perform the research.

It may discuss theories and published data and provide historical assessment and current views relating to the research problem. It is quite a long section enumerating every other data that helped you construct your research. A common mistake that most students do is that they tend to put forth their argument or opinions while explaining what resources they’ve used, which averts the student from showcasing their analytical skills. This is to be avoided since this section is meant to have mere documentation of data collected, information drawn from that data and details of the same. Remember that the literature review gives you a chance to provide evidence to support your arguments, and also to validate your expertise on the research problem. Also, it is obligatory to provide credentials for all material you use in this section.

Collecting Data

Yet another prominent issue faced by research students is finding pertinent materials that support your argument or finding. Both primary and secondary sources matter in this regard. If it is a research based on experimentation or if it is based on a survey, you could make use of questionnaires, phone interviews, focus groups, online surveys, census results, etc. which does require a lot of determination, capital and time. When it is an experimental research, it is important to make sure that the right size of sample is chosen. If it is a literary research that you’re conducting, you should make sure you choose a literary piece of work that you are familiar with or one that you like. Secondary data in a survey-based research involves statistical data from another source, such as census reports, communication agencies’ reports, governmental organizations’ records, etc. On the other hand, in a literary research, it is important to choose books or web resources that substantiate the primary source that you’ve picked and the idea that you’re trying to convey using that primary source. Nothing is more disheartening that realizing that you do not have the relevant data to support your arguments after reaching the methodology section. While a researcher reaches the methodology section, he/she should have clear data that could be used for research. To avoid insufficiency of data, ensure that all the data you plan to use is available from the secondary sources. If you plan on collecting data, take time to formulate the right questionnaire and sample size and to conduct your search.

Improper Planning

Universities assign a long period of time to the students to finish their dissertation and students think likewise but eventually they fail to submit their paper in due time. However, time passes quickly, and you might experience some unexpected delays from your supervisors. You must submit a research proposal for your supervisors to approve before they allow you to begin writing. You will also submit your first draft and other subsequent outlines to your supervisors, who may request some changes before allowing you to proceed. It is imperative to come up with a timeline that estimates the length of each task and to include these inevitable delays in your plan. Include start and completion dates for each task in your diary and revise them regularly to accommodate any delays.

Usage Of Language

Students need to incorporate a language that fits the best and suits the best understanding of the audience. Since language is readily available to young minds through their tech-gadgets, there is so much exposure to slang and colloquialisms that tend to reflect on your thesis. This should be consciously to avoid if one aims to create a scholarly thesis that deems recognition in the academic circle.

Time Management

Maintaining a balance between the write up and other assignment deadlines can be a little daunting task for the students. Unavoidable delays take place while gaining access to research participants and organizations. When you move towards writing a dissertation, the biggest constraint that comes in the way is the time that limits your work. As an offshoot of this, students tend to compromise on the quality of their work and the mandatory standards of writing a thesis is being sacrificed unconsciously.

These above-mentioned problems are often daunting to students doing their research in any field. We at Tutors India make sure the difficulties are read, understood, empathized with, rectified, guided and processed in such a manner that you finish your thesis in no time the way you wanted it to be written at nominal rates that you could afford. Also, we consider your corrections and clarifications even before we produce the desired dissertation within the stipulated time that you give us.

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