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We understand the importance of doctoral dissertation as a PhD dissertation is a scholarly document which represents the cumulative experience of one’s entire educational experience. Graduate and post graduate dissertation is inscribed within 200 pages. However, for PhD dissertation the average length of a document may perhaps be more than 300-500 pages, focussed on a very narrow topic. Hence extensive references to work in the form of citations such as text books, monographs and journal articles written by experts in the field is a must.
OUR MANTRA includes
  • Holistic approach and comprehensive support.
  • One on one coaching with a statistician,research methodologist and editor
  • We work with you until completion of your Viva Successfully
At Tutors India, in a very short time will help you refocus and prepare significant progress on your PhD Thesis. Till now we have completed more than 2500 PhD Thesis report and also supported for publication. We are at par than other phd thesis writing services!
OUR PhD experts
We at Tutors India assist you in PhD guidance. We help you in writing your PhD dissertations and thesis by putting our top professional writers and researchers into work for you. When you are done with your degree or masters then you may have to write your dissertation or thesis to submit it successfully in order to get your PhD. We truly understand the importance of PhD dissertations and PhD thesis that is the essential paper for your doctorate as without completing the dissertation one cannot be a PhD holder.
We have PhD and masters holders in our batch of professionals who can guide you step by step in writing your PhD paper successfully. We not only spend time in piece of writing but also make sure that you can defend your paper without any problems. Right from selecting dissertation topic to phase of writing and understanding, our PhD professionals who are research advisors, Post doctoral fellows and M.D holding PhD with rich experience in research will guide you all the way to complete and defend your PhD dissertations successfully. You can be now confident as some of our writers are trained at Harvard School, London School of Business, and University of Birmingham.
A typical phd thesis should adhere to these steps: How to write a phd thesis
Tutors India assists you in completing it now rather than writing. Imagine we have completed Chapter 1, 2 and 3 in just five days with proper referencing and 100% plagiarism free.In a same way, we can also help you in completing other two chapters (Results and discussion and conclusion) in a given time as this will be completed by three of our experts simultaneously including statistician & research Methodologists, expertise in your field and editor / proof reader.
We provide following services apart from complete writing service
At Tutors India, we help you in rewriting by making all necessary changes according to your requirements. We you to get your rejected thesis accepted by the university.
At Tutors India, we proof read and edit your dissertation
Our expertise at Tutors India format the pre-written PhD Thesis in any of the formatting styles i.e., APA, MLA, Chicago etc..
Enhancing the content:
  • Including appropriate pictures and diagrams
  • Checking the incorrect references
  • Updating latest references
Checking the statistical tools and help you to analyse in better way by following the journal style of format. Most of the services just copy and paste the output received from the statistical software, but we at Tutors India develop and draw unique tables which is understandable to the readers.
We assist at all stages of dissertation research:
We have supported the students from different countries including United States of America (USA), England, Ireland, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, South Africa, Poland, Russia, Qatar, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Iraq and of course India as well. We cover wide range of topics including management (IT, Operational Research, Supply Chain, Retail management, Marketing, Human resource and Finance), Medical Research, Data Mining, Statistical Techniques, Biochemistry, Physiology, Life Science, Food and Nutrition, Forensic Science, Law, Criminology, Sociology, Political science, Human Behaviour, English, Education, Public Health, Epidemiology, Hospitality, Engineering etc.
Our format of dissertation*
  • 12 point Times New Roman or 10 point Arial
  • 1-inch margin
  • 275/550 words per page
  • Single or double spaced
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