The Research Proposal – The Blueprint Of Your Dissertation

As a student pursuing your Masters/PhD you have to undergo rigorous research. Well, what is research? It is a scientific and organized evaluation to gather new knowledge. You will be getting the relevant solution to your problem through a streamlined research. By research there is vast expansion in the domain of knowledge. But there is one important step to perform before conducting a research i.e. the research proposal. Writing a research proposal is a pivotal step in the dissertation process.

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The Significance Of A Research Proposal

All proposals show that the student has found out a research topic and has gone through information such that he/she knows what other researchers have researched about the topic. There is the formation of the research question, which is the heart of the proposal. A pertinent methodology is formed to answer the research question.

  • The dissertation proposal is the key that opens the door to the research journey.
  • Whatever is important for the dissertation, the research proposal should encompass it.
  • The importance of getting engaged in the research work is highlighted in the research proposal.
  • Planning is done diligently in the research proposal.
  • The proposal should provide justification for approval. It can either contribute to available knowledge or adds to the existing knowledge.
  • A well-formed research proposal helps the researcher not to think about various other alternatives once the research commences.
  • The proposal gives information on how the data will be gathered, handled, and interpreted.
  • The structure of a research proposal.

A Typical Research Proposal Has The Following Format

  1. Cover Page
  2. Abstract
  3. Introduction
  4. Literature Review
  5. Research Methodology
  6. Ethics
  7. Work Plan
  8. Budget
  9. References

Common Mistakes In Dissertation Proposal

  • Not giving the appropriate context to develop the research question.
  • Not citing important studies.
  • Not staying on track of the research question.
  • Not forming a comprehensible and compelling argument for the proposed research.
  • Beating about the bush and emphasizing on minor concerns.
  • Not maintaining a strong sense of direction.

What Is The Student’s Contribution To The Research Proposal?

  • The student has to prove that he/she is contributing something new to the domain.
  • The student should choose a viable topic with regard to data, financing, materials and supervisors.
  • The student proposes that he/she will complete the research within the expected time.
  • The student takes into consideration all ethical issues.
  • The student gets approval from all pertinent bodies.

Will the student be able to carry out independent research? This is the question that the research proposal answers. The research proposal brings forth a problem, and examines pertinent research endeavors. What are the steps required to solve the problem? This is also the question that is answered by the research proposal. The research proposal also goes a step beyond in collecting and evaluating the data.

Overall, the questions what, why, where, whom and when are provided answers by the research proposal. The dissertation proposal assists you in concentrating on your research aims, get a clear idea about the significance and the needs, elucidate on the methods, and forecast issues and results. Eventually it plans alternative solutions and assistance, if needed.

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