Significance of the Background of the Study in your Dissertation

You have selected a good topic for your Master’s dissertation. Congrats! The introduction chapter is one of the crucial elements of your dissertation. Here, you are trying to justify to the reader as to why you have taken up the work. The introduction should be as brief as possible. It can be a very challenging part and generally, the researchers prefer to write it at the last. This is because they don’t want to leave anything significant.

Significance of the Background of the Study in your Dissertation

Well, there would be certain information that surrounds your topic. This information would have an impact on your topic to a great extent. For example, you may read books, journals, and other dissertation materials pertaining to your topic. The background study acts as the groundwork for your dissertation and provides you with significant sources for writing your paper.

Role of background of the study in your research

You have to get prepared for the research process. The background of the study gives your research paper a context. The readers can see how this context gels with the previous research. The background study serves to prove the pertinence of your thesis question and to enhance your dissertation in a more profound manner.

Well, this section is very important for your research. It makes up the first paragraphs of your introduction.

Importance of background of the study in your research

It paves the way to the rationale behind the research, showing whether it is molding from previous research. The researcher should also see with a keen eye what others have overlooked. Sometimes, the research would not have been carried out in a clear manner and the results would be vague. The background of the study attempts to enhance the earlier research project.

Finally, remember not to be very much carried away by the background of the dissertation. Ensure that it is relevant.

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