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Academic writing in its essence must present the researcher’s views and ideas to the readers in the simplest terms possible without compromising in its quality.

Any academic writing must conform to the following:


Conventional academic writing, unlike other forms of writing, has a formal structure and a logical tone; a coherent and a consistent array of ideas, with each component arranged in a chronology to form a complete paper.

The Tone

It is imperative that the researcher maintains an unbiased formal tone throughout the paper even when presenting ideas and positions that they disagree with. The general attitude must be assertive, while the bias must be neutral.


The researcher must be mindful of the choice of words they use in academic writing help as it is required to provide a precise meaning. A careful consideration is required on the part of the researcher to a have a diction that is concise in its description and nuanced in its elucidation. In case of words with similar denotation and different connotation with respect to the context of the paper, a proper explanation must be provided.

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The Language

Investigative language needs to be unambiguous with a precision and clarity in its expression. Vague expressions must be avoided while a concise structure for each paragraph and sentence must be employed.


Cautious and deliberate use of punctuation is required. In general, exclamations are avoided unless a quotation or paraphrase containing one is given. The researcher must be versed with the meaning and usage of each punctuation and use it carefully that it doesn’t smudge the intended meaning.

Academic Conventions

There are several academic conventions one needs to follow. Providing proper citations, references, explanations of abbreviations, acknowledgement of original sources for an idea or thoughts and appropriate usage of headings & sub-headings are all part of academic conventions. One needs to familiarize with all the conventions applied in academic writings.

Evidence-Based Reasoning

Academic writing phd is based on evidence and each argument put forward by the researcher must be based on existing body of knowledge related to the field. This will validate the paper and add to the field of study.

Terminology and Jargon

Jargon refers to the words, terminologies, and language specific to a particular group of people. These jargons associated with the field of study must be applied precisely and appropriately in the dissertation. Use these only when explaining complex subject related matter; tends to confuse general audience.

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