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While publication has created a niche in the research community, the researcher must try to choose a journal which will enable to derive maximum results. Scholarly contribution to a publication medium could be anything, but it should be unique and is published in the form of articles from time to time. The write-up could be on the basis of unique findings of research or reviews of researcher’s previously conducted study. Thus, with the exposition through the means of the journal, the concerned researcher not only able to reach to a maximum number of peoples but also gets the reviews and critical appraisal of the work. In this way, communication tempo is maintained benefitting both ways.

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Theories or knowledge induced in the study in recent times might not be applicable in future. As and when further research is conducted, it paves way for the new source of knowledge or information which might contradict the existing one. However, the question is which best academic journal writing would be appropriate to prove one’s credential to the research world. In this respect, depending on the requirement the write-up could be published through various types of journals like:

  • Letters or communication
  • Research notes
  • Articles
  • Supplemental articles
  • Review articles

Let’s have a brief over these varieties and purposes. When the means of the academic journal is through letters or communication; it involves the description of the latest research findings in limited word count density which requires urgent publication. For instance, a medical researcher got a breakthrough for treating some ailment which was previously not available or difficult to administer treatment. Therefore, the newly found mode of treatment requires dissemination with immediate effect. Publications in the form of research notes also have the same vibe like letters, which requires dissemination without any delay.

Whereas, when the mode of publication is in terms of articles; it requires long description with a certain number of pages to depict the research findings comprehensively. However, the purpose of supplemental articles is to enumerate the result of research findings in the form of tabulation. Finally, when it comes to publishing in the academic journal through review articles, its purpose differs from the previous two types. Instead of encompassing original research, the contribution is in terms of combined results of various articles on a specific study. Again, its purpose is to facilitate information on that specific subject entailing with the source of exact journal references in context to the original study. This is all about the ways to publish the research findings through various academic journals.

Now the concern is could you develop the content required from academic journal publication perspective. You might have some concerns or obstacles, but we are to usher while dealing with loopholes or difficulties. We have the experts to ensure, you soar the heights of academic repute in the competitive environment. If you have initiated the write-up and finds it hard to carry on or contemplating over how to go over it; in either case, you would get optimistic services with attributes filled uniquely with a sense of interfacing the research community in proud. Hence, consult us to pursue the academic publication objectives. Students from countries like USA, UK, Australia, etc could approach us for successful delivery of journal content.

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