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Research writing does not occur in a single instance. It is an iterative process involving a lot of work to do, beginning with understanding your discipline, the area of research interest, identifying suitable research approach, data collection, interpretation and finally depiction of what was intended to be the final results. This is similar to researching in an organisation, for example its own market growth wherein the research process occurs in a more defined manner.

At first, the business analyst or the research analyst takes the lead to collect necessary data or preliminary information. Information such as market opportunities, its competitors and the company’s strengths and weaknesses should be collected and analysed. An inbuilt library in an organisation may even provide better insights.

People in an organisation striving for its development do not spend leisure time in some other activities. Rather they adhere to brainstorm ideas about how to improve their processes at business better. Even a business improvement conversation between two employees is a brainstorming session. However, when employees understand the seriousness of the business improvement or to analyse the opportunities for market growth, they tend to select personnel who could facilitate the preparation of the market research report. The brainstorming sessions improve further and people may come up with ideas in the form of slides, detailed hard copy reports and so on. Combining the ideas together will ease up the work to write a more detailed market research report which will facilitate management decision making.

Writing a research is similar to the aforementioned procedure through which operations should occur. At “TUTORS INDIA”, we adhere to the processes of understanding the concepts of your research through iterations. We never adopt the view- “That’s with the concepts. It’s done”. We adopt “Let’s get into the concepts even deeper”. For this, we collect data for your research, preliminary data and review them to prepare the ‘Review of Literature ‘or ‘literature review’. The review shall provide us some insights about the ways to perform a research as researches are generally the implementation of gaps in previous works related to the same context of a research topic.
However, to know more about the ways to conduct the research (research approach), we brainstorm within our expert team- Research analysts, Statistical experts, Research associates. Finalising the approach, we always have a word with the client, confirm the approach and the processes of writing proceeds. The expert team at “TUTORS INDIA” are passionate to research and gain new ideas. Our procedures are similar to what that happens in a corporate organisation. We take utmost care to get your job completed.

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