Conceptual Framework of Your Dissertation – A Tentative Yet Important Outline

A concept map, like the theory it represents, is a picture of the territory you want to study, not of the study itself. It is a visual display of your current working theory—a picture of what you think is going on with the phenomenon you’re studying. (Maxwell, 1996, pp. 25, 37)

A conceptual framework is very essential with regard to setting out the scope of the existing literature. It is also useful in how others have comprehended and researched the literature available.

Having played a significant role, the conceptual frameworks apply a qualitative methodology. This important section will present itself in both the introduction and literature review of the dissertation.

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The conceptual frameworks rigorously support the requirement of your study. Imagine it to be a blueprint. It gives an outline of how you plan to perform the research for your dissertation. It also views the extent of your work with the larger domain of research. You can be certain that your research doesn’t deviate, and those who go through your thesis will gain from it.

Prior to starting your own research, you should comprehend what research has been performed on your topic of interest. Keep in mind that the thesis should always think from a novice angle and assists in progressing your field of study. Some other person would have explored what you have in mind.

Nature of Conceptual Framework

These frameworks are generally visual in nature and those going through it will comprehend the flow. You can illustrate the conceptual framework in any way that is applicable to your work including a flowchart, diagram, or mind map. You should demonstrate the variables that impact each element of your research. Your conceptual framework will be more comprehensive when you work on a detailed diagram.

The preparation of a conceptual framework is a profound one; once the researcher is engaged in dissertation writing, he/she becomes much more acquainted with the research topic than he/she has at the initial stage. So the conceptual framework acts as a tentative scheme for your research. You would have brought in certain variables in the conceptual framework. This may see a transformation to get the crux of the theories.

The Role of the Conceptual Framework in a Literature Review

The conceptual framework section should be an exhaustive evaluation of the theories that you apply in your study. The theorists would have made some major theoretical findings or hypotheses. You must also discuss why you chose the theory you are using and how you will gain from your research. The pertinence of your theory to the research question is a factor of concern here. Ensure that you bring in citations and discussions of over four scholarly articles.

Revisit and Update

When you start your research, you may notice that some components of your conceptual framework no longer function. You will probably find new variables, or you may find that your conclusion from assumptions is not right. There may be contradicting researches too. So you should come back to your conceptual framework and revise it as required. Remember that the conceptual framework is not engraved in stone; it is subject to change. Updating of it doing the process of your thesis becomes necessary.

Example of the Conceptual Framework

Dependent Variable: Success of a training program

Independent Variable: Lecture, Teaching style, practical, demos, field visit, methodology, teacher

Here success of training program depends on the listed factors.

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