Why Tutors India for Econometric and Financial Statistical Analysis Support Services


At Tutors India, we have been assisting scholars for UK and Australian dissertation writing support especially Chapter IV results section which includes data collection and statistical analysis services. Our team consist of statistical mentors with the right credentials to assist scholars in the compilation of data, recoding, research and statistical support services, and interpretation of statistical output, among an eclectic range of services.

Statistical Support Service is pivotal in management, Economics and Finance dissertations, substantiating the averments and findings. At Tutors India, our services are superior, leveraging the incredible computing power of software like SPSS, R, SAS, E-views and STATA.

PhD Econometrics Statistical Analysis Help services will be incomplete in Economics if unknown parameters are estimated with inferior tools or techniques or methods. Consequently, we rely on methods such as OLS Regression to fetch a more accurate estimate. The methods employed are complex, to offer the best results, such as the collection of random variables through heteroskedasticity. Data, invariably is multi-dimensional in nature secured over a specific, and sometimes extended time period to help the scholars present a more accurate and data supported dissertation. Similarly, discrete data in a sequence such as time series is part of the solutions that are used in our PhD UK Dissertation Statistical Help Service. The competency of the mentors can be seen from the fact that whenever conditions do not permit linear regression models to feature in a dissertation, extended models such as quantile regression is relied upon for a more accurate presentation.

  1. Econometric Tools that we apply in general

      • Regression Analysis

      • Correlation

  2. Types of Econometric Data that we worked

– Time Series Data

      • Daily – weather, stock price

      • Monthly – Unemployment rate

      • Quarterly – GDP

      • Yearly – National Budget

      • Decennial – Population Census

                – Cross Sectional Data

                – Pooled data

Similarly, in Financial Statistical Data Analysis Support (market index, stock, financial statement analysis) our mentors extensively use the BlackScholes-Merton model for depicting price variation of financial instruments. Our mentors guide scholars and researchers to arrive at solutions in problems that are related to optimization, through distinct LPP to clearly define the objective function, various constraints and the linearity. Scholars who have a need for assistance in simulation to model random events, in a manner to resemble real-world outcomes, receive the highest levels of assistance from our mentors, by observing simulations to gather insightful information about the real world.

Our experience extends across domains, with specialist knowledge in different areas and record of publication in Springer and other high impact journals. We have partnered corporates in their need for statistical analysis and this experience helps us to offer a higher level of support to scholars who are working on their PhD finance and economic dissertations. All mentors/professors are highly qualified with experience in handling the most complex of projects, in addition to the aptitude in sharing invaluable information to those seeking it.

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