MBA project report

Sampling Questionnaire Pilot study Data processing Framework for analyzing data.
Management study warrants executing a project and developing a report. Project can’t be carried out in vacuum; therefore, it must be on some specific area having research interest. The first step is topic selection for MBA project which must be very interesting. Select the topic having adequate literature and the potential to collect data. Again, it must be favoring towards employment opportunity as well. The purpose of the project is to gain exposure to corporate environment while assessing the reliability and quality of work in terms of performance. The theoretical aspect is gained during the classroom study. However, to give the same empirical touch; it requires conducting a project. The concept is to apply management insights in solving a particular problem.

Since the topic selection is the prime thing; given a choice to choose from a number of topics, seek guidance of supervisor. Once the topic selection is over, frame a research question involving a problem. The nature of problem should be in and around the working environment. For conducting the project, you need to choose an organization; hence, the problem must revolve around it. Now have a look at theoretical perspectives in this regard. Conducting a preliminary survey in the available literature would provide clue to focus on the unexplored areas. Then focus on the tentative solution to a problem in the form of a hypothesis.

Quality of the project work also matters for which it depends on the type of methodology adopted. The project report gets strengthened, the way information are gathered in context to define a problem. Sometimes, it may require approaching through case study as well, where the approach varies from the usual survey. Other necessities you have to prepare are:

  • Sampling
  • Questionnaire
  • Pilot study
  • Data processing
  • Framework for analyzing data

Practically, dealing with these aspects mentioned above of your own might not be feasible even if you have adequate knowledge in this respect. Therefore, conducting the project work with a mentor around would derive favorable and expected result. Pick a person who has thorough understanding over the management concept including the practical knowledge at par with project study. Thus, you could able to end the project on a successful note. Writing a project report is also a matter of concern as its performance matters.

There are so many sections comprising in a project report which needs to be developed. For instance, you want to develop the MBA dissertation topics in management introduction. So, the concern is what to include in this section. Let’s have a look at the following which needs to be incorporated in this section are:

  • Problem statement
  • Objectives of the research
  • Methodology comprising basic and secondary research design
  • Project limitation

Likewise with a purpose, the individual section must reflect in MBA project report. So, whether you have any issue in executing the project or reporting the same, consult our experts.

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