Master’s Assignment Survival Kit: A Must-Have University Guide for Students

It is an assignment planning and handling mechanism. It aids in strategizing the working order, according to a timeline (prescribed by the writer), of the assignment for better tracking of its progress. It comprises of a set of questions, and checklists that are to be done before, while and after the assignment or the coursework writing.

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Most of the universities keeping this assignment survival kit on their university websites for the students for better tracking of their schedule on their assignment tracking. It is necessary to the students to utilize the assignment survival kit to stabilize their work structure. It is the significant factor to any student/researcher who are preparing coursework writing need to follow the below steps: The Must-Have University Guide/Tips from Tutors India experts

[Step 1]: Understanding the assignment scope

To begin with, the student has to understand the scope or the demands of the assignment. Then student would have to answer the question ‘How to approach the assignment?’ and list down the options.

[Step 2]: Researching and analysing for required information

Then the student has to answer questions like below for acquiring research ideas and information

         a. Where to start researching for information for assignment?

         b. Should I refer any older assignments for research ideas?


[Step 3]: Collecting and collating the required information for assignment

After researching what to collect, the student should know how and where to collect the information for the assignment. Asking and answering the questions like below would help the student land in appropriate sources.

  1. What are the required materials for collecting information?

  2. How to find the required materials?

  3. If not available, is there any alternate ways to find the required materials?


[Step 4]: Reading all the collected information

It would give an insight in deciding about the components that should be part of the assignment. Also it would equip the student with the required knowledge. Important notes for the assignment are noted here and used in assignment drafting process.

[Step 5]: Incorporating information & initial draft creation

This involves planning the structure of the assignment giving it a framework of headings (Introduction split up of body content, Ideas that go into the sub headings of the body content conclusion etc) that can later be explained.

[Step 6]: Final check

This phase involves the various checking points regarding the structure, content and research ideas that are incorporated in the assignment. The various checking parameters should ensure the presence of all required information, ideas and other related elements as planned.

e.g. Is the content or ideas enough to explain the point clearly, Does the structure of the assignment align with the faculty requirements etc.

This is how the Assignment Survival Kit works.

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