Terms and Condition

Terms and Condition

Terms and Conditions

Tutors India as Facilitators

  • The role of Tutors India is to act as a facilitator providing qualified experts involved in creating authentic content for clients.
  • Services of Tutors India is engaged by clients enabling them to execute multiple activities involving; research work, writing and allied tasks for a period that has been prefixed as per the terms and conditions.
  • Any delivery time period or pricing specified on the website is for representation purposes only and cannot be considered as final. The prices and delivery dates will be finalized after duly considering the requirements and the scope of the work.
  • Tutors India does not encourage direct contact with the expert. The first point of contact for clients will be the Project Coordinator (PC) who will connect the client with the expert.
  • Tutors India also refrains from providing personal contact numbers of project coordinator or experts. Clients will be provided with an official contact number on which they can contact the experts via project coordinators.
  • Once the project is confirmed and if for any reason the client opts to cancel the order at a later stage, the client would still be liable to pay 50% out of the payment initially agreed.
  • In the event that the client has already made the full payment, only 50% of the payment will be refunded or the percentage of refund will depend upon the quantum of work that has already been executed.
  • If upon completion of the project the customer is not satisfied with the work or if the work executed does not live up to the expected standards or the work is conceptually wrong, Tutors India ensures to modify the work or even redo the entire work at no extra cost.
  • In case the client decides to change the requirements after the execution of work which is satisfactory and meets the expected standards, the client will be liable to pay an additional cost.

Organizational Structure of Tutors India

Tutors India consists of three separate departments where

Admin Division

  • Each client is received, discussed and analysed about their requirement, fixing the commitment, negotiation in the commitment and the projects are confirmed at ‘Information’ department or ‘admin department.' Any queries as follows, but not limited to, such as
  • Title, Type of work
  • Project cost
  • Payment modes and Currency conversion
  • Balance payment procedure / Instalment payment procedure
  • Payment receipt / Non-receipt status / Payment Acknowledgement status
  • Additional project requirement (regarding word count for content development, editing, and proofreading, plagiarism correction, formatting and referencing, Data addition, data change, data creation, illustration/artwork services)
  • Additional service requirement (Extension of deadline, Earlier dispatch, extension of timeline for feedback/comments, Extension of timeline for publications)
  • Additional Requirements / Attachments / Guidelines / Instructions (other than the initial commitment)
  • Primary data (in excel sheet format / as interview transcripts format) / Secondary data / Supporting book sources (other than the initial commitment)
  • Refunds are to be discussed only with the admin department (admin@tutorsindia.com) or information department (info@tutorsindia.com) and not with the experts’ team or guidance department.

Technical Support or Expert’s Team

Once the admin team confirms the project, the project details will be sent to guidance/technical team or experts’ team where a dedicated project coordinator is allotted to each project. The Project coordinator’s contact details [such as email ID (guidance@tutorsindia.com), contact number] will be provided to the client. Any queries which are as follows will be addressed by the expert’s team or guidance team, but not limited to, such as

  • Technical discussion (including project outline, draft documents, plagiarism-related queries, deadlines)
  • Feedback or comments within the commitment
  • Conference call / Direct meeting arrangement
  • Justification for the work provided
  • Outline / Table of Contents / Technical queries / replies
  • Free reference articles (paid reference article links)

This intersection is made to ease the client regarding

  • 100% confidentiality of client’s personal details, payment details, project works, copyrights of research works
  • Clear understanding of project commitment, deliverables, process flow about the additional requirement other than the commitment

Compliant / Feedback Team

In the event that your complaint is regarding the service of a specific department, you are invited to contact our enquiries email address to inform us of the same. Your emails may however be addressed to the single point of contact that has been established at the commencement of the project, the project coordinator in this case. Depending upon the nature of your complaint, the project coordinator will forward your concerns to the person or department concerned.

Agreement Period

  • The agreement will come into effect once the client makes the payment either in part or in full towards the services expected.
  • The agreement will continue to be in effect until such time that the client is fully satisfied with the work executed.

Our Services

  • As facilitators, Tutor’s India will be responsible for assigning an expert who is fully qualified and experienced to execute clients’ work relating to research, writing or other allied tasks.
  • Tutor’s India will assign the expert at their discretion while duly considering the domain knowledge, expertise, and level of finesse.
  • In case the client opts to make a partial payment at the time of confirming the order, the client is liable to pay the remainder of the payment as the work progresses. However, the client agrees to make the full payment before the final delivery of their project.
  • Any delay in making the full payment for services rendered can lead to a delay in the time of project delivery.

Mutual Collaboration

  • This agreement between Tutors’ India and the client is essentially a mutual collaboration where the client is expected to clearly specify their requirements while ensuring that all information pertaining to the work to be executed is precise and nothing is missed out.
  • The client also agrees to extend any help required if in case any clarification is sought by the expert during the course of project execution.
  • The client agrees to respond to emails from the project coordinator on behalf of the expert who might seek further clarification, within 24 hours of receipt of the email. Similarly, Tutor’s India also agrees to respond to emails from the client within 24 hours of receipt of the email.
  • If the expert wants to speak to the client, a telecon will be arranged by the project coordinator after prior approval from the client and vice-versa based on whether the call is urgent or can be scheduled as per feasibility.
  • In the event that precise information is not extended by the client prior to the commencement of the project or the client fails to respond to any emails or calls seeking clarification, it might affect the quality of the project (or) might lead to delay in delivery. In such instances, Tutor’s India will not be held liable for any damage or loss that might arise from such delays.
  • Tutor’s India will assume that any information or instruction received from the client’s email id or telephone number provided is from the client.

Date of Delivery

  • Any project work undertaken by Tutor’s India would be delivered before midnight on the delivery date that has been agreed upon. In the event that the date of delivery falls on a Sunday or any public holiday, the project would be delivered before midnight on the following day.
  • Tutor’s India reserves the right to alter the date of delivery depending upon any changes in the requirements of the project as might be communicated by the client when the project is ongoing.
  • Tutor’s India cannot be held responsible for any delay in the delivery of project that might arise due to natural calamities, terrorist activities or any technical problem that could be affected due to third parties which might include but not restricted to issues from internet service providers, database software, hosting providers, incompatible formats or any other similar services.
  • In case, there is a delay due to the aforementioned issues, Tutor’s India will inform the client about the delay in delivery.
  • In the event that Tutor’s India is unable to deliver the project on the date agreed, due to any of the technical issues above mentioned, the client can contact Tutor’s India through the email id and phone numbers provided to (or “intending to”) understand the cause for the delay and to obtain an alternative date.
  • Tutor’s India will not be responsible for any delay in delivery of the project work that might arise due to improper coordination from the client’s end. Such delays would refer to failure on the part of the client to respond to queries raised via email or respond to phone calls or a failure to provide any vital data that might be required.
  • Tutor’s India will also not be responsible for any delay in delivery that might occur due to the client not meeting their commitment to making 100% payment before final delivery.

Authentic Work Guarantee

  • Tutor’s India assures that all work created by our subject matter experts will be free from any plagiarism.
  • As a policy, Tutor’s India scans all work created by our experts with specialized and high-end software to detect any plagiarism. In case any plagiarism is detected, the project is then redirected to the expert for modifications.
  • Tutor’s India assures that the degree of plagiarism is 10% or below which is the permissible limit.
  • Tutor’s India also ensures to present a plagiarism report upon request by the client.
  • Any content is considered as plagiarism if:
    • Work done by others is directly copy-pasted in the client’s work.
    • The ideas or concepts presented are not original.
    • Existing content is rephrased while retaining the idea. However, the source is not mentioned.
  • Tutor’s India will not be responsible for any data or information presented by the client which might be plagiarized, but the same is not intimated to us.
  • Tutor’s India cannot be held liable if the client is desirous of including certain information from specific sources verbatim. In case the client expects certain information to be included, the client will communicate the same to Tutor’s India via email.
  • All research work undertaken by Tutors India are referred using wide range of sources including free and paid articles. Free articles will be shared to client on request.
  • We strictly stick to the word/page count after a project is confirmed and any changes in the initial requirement will be considered as a new requirement as negotiation in this regard is not entertained. During the project, we analyses the data/book sources as provided by the researcher/client. If there are any changes required in the data, we can do the same but at an additional cost since expertise need to spend additional time on your project.
  • Primary data / Secondary data / Book sources need to be provided by researcher/client which is clearly communicated during the project commitment.
  • Primary data needs to be provided in Excel sheet format or Interview transcripts format. If a hard copy of the primary data is provided, then data entry charges apply. If audio recordings files are provided for qualitative analysis, then data conversion charges apply.
  • After project confirmation is over, if extra pages/words are demanded, additional payment will be charged. Deadline commitment will be made, upon payment receipt.
  • We educate the client at every stage (if inquired by the client, at a separate cost), and the research work that we are committing is to be used as a reference and not to be submitted as it is.

Technical Communication

  • With prior appointments on both sides, a conference call may be arranged with experts regarding any updates on project details
  • Conference call arrangement will be arranged only between 9 am - 6 pm (Indian Standard Time -IST) on weekdays (Monday to Friday) based on expertise availability
  • During the conference call, the project coordinator who is allotted to your project will mediate your call
  • No details related to personal/payment should be discussed, on account of which the call will be immediately disconnected
  • After a conference call, an email will be sent to you stating the information which is understood / conveyed over the phone. This has to be confirmed by the client/researcher without which the conference call details will not be considered as a valid point for future reference
  • We are unable to arrange for the conference call for Topic Selection, PowerPoint Presentation, Editing, Plagiarism correction, Formatting and Referencing, Manuscript/Conference paper
  • Research Proposal/Assignments/Coursework/Case Studies – 15-20 minutes (for the entire project)
  • Masters research work / Ph.D. research work - 20-30 minutes (for the entire project)
  • Projects on Individual chapters – 10 minutes (for the entire project)
  • The timeline mentioned above is to inform the client/researcher that the expertise can be made available on request and within the stipulated timeline, the con. The call is expected to complete. Further, if any requests made from the researcher/client for the con. Call / Direct meeting, there is an additional payment applies.

Data Security

  • Clients agree that all their personal information such as name, age, country of origin or any other financial information that will be provided by them when they place their order will be secured on our database.
  • Tutor’s India guarantees that all such personal information of the client will not be shared with any experts or third parties.
  • All such important client data will be secured within our servers with restricted access granted to administrative personnel.

Alteration to On-going Projects

  • The client will refrain from altering the scope of the requirements in the project than what was agreed upon at the time of confirming the project.
  • In case the client is desirous of altering the existing work from what was agreed upon and if the major portion of the work has already been executed, depending upon the quantum of alteration required the client will be liable to pay additional charges as Tutor’s India may deem fit.
  • In instances where the client requires alterations that are beyond the scope of the requirements agreed upon, Tutor’s India has the right to alter the delivery date of the project.
  • 24 hours is the minimum timeline to address any minor technical replies whereas, for the major technical queries/replies, the timeline/deadline for addressing the major technical replies / queries will be informed to you within 24 hours.
  • In case the alteration is within the scope of the existing requirements or is not going to make much impact on the work already executed, Tutor’s India agrees to make the desired changes at no additional cost while ensuring that there is no change in the date of delivery.
Period of revisions Payment terms
Within 15 days from the date of final dispatch Free (only for minor modifications)
Between 15-30 days from the date of final dispatch 10% of the payment committed
Between 30-45 days from the date of final dispatch 25% of the payment committed
Up to 60 days from the date of final dispatch 50% of the payment committed
Above 60 days from the date of final dispatch Will be considered as a new requirement

Alterations to Completed Projects

  • Following the completion of the project and due delivery, if the client believes that the requirements have not been met or the project has not been executed to the client’s satisfaction, the client agrees to revert to Tutor’s India within three working days.
  • If after submission of the project, and the client after obtaining expert advice from external sources feels that the project needs to be modified, the same has to be communicated to Tutor’s India within two weeks.
  • In case the client fails to revert with any comments for the project executed within a span of 60 days for whatever reasons, Tutor’s India will assume that the project met all the criteria as specified by the client and consider the project closed.
  • If the client reverts after a 60-day period with comments to the projects delivered, the client will be liable to pay additional charges for any alterations or amendments.
  • In such instances, Tutor’s India agrees to alter the completed project to the exact specification of the client, till such time that the client is not satisfied, at no additional cost.
  • Tutor’s India reserves the discretion to decide whether the alterations required are valid and can be accommodated. In case, the alterations cannot be accommodated; the same will be communicated to the client via email while justifying the reason.
  • Any such alterations that Tutor’s India agrees to make to the existing project will be delivered to the client within 48 hours from the time the request has been accepted.
  • If after the delivery of the project the client feels that the project needs to be altered for further enhancing the project which requires alterations beyond the scope of the requirements agreed upon, depending upon the quantum of work required, the client will be liable to pay additional charges as Tutor’s India may deem fit.
  • In such cases, the alterations may not be effected within 48 hours. Tutor’s India will decide upon a new delivery date after due discussion with the experts.
Type of work Grace Period Final Call
Masters-Assignment-case study-coursework-report-essay-research proposal 7 Days 7 Days
PhD thesis 2 months 1 month
Masters Dissertation 15 Days 15 Days
Manuscript(International/National) 4 Months 2 Months


  • Payments will vary according to the requirement and scope of work that needs to be executed. Exact quotes would be provided to the clients after understanding their exact requirements and quantum of work.
  • For word counts that equal 30,000 and above, the payment will be split into two installments where the first 50% will be paid upon order confirmation, and the remaining 50% will be paid depending upon the quantum of work executed and delivered. If you have any amendments on your first draft, we are open to unlimited revisions. But you are expected to make the second instalment in parallel to carry on your balance 50% work. Based on the delay in balance payment receipt/ primary data /secondary data / book sources receipt, the timeline will vary for which we are unable to take responsibility.
  • For word counts that exceed 50,000 and above, the payment can be split up into three installments where the first installment would 40% of the total amount which the client is expected to pay when the order is confirmed, and the remaining 60% will be split up equally, depending upon the quantum of work executed and delivered.
  • For all other work, 100% payment will have to be made in advance (e.g. 100% Advance for Assignments / Coursework / Research Proposal / Questions and Answers / Manuscripts / Conference paper / Seminar paper / University level paper
  • Tutor’s India offers several payment options which can either be through cash, cheque, demand drafts or pay orders, electronic transfer or credit and debit cards.
  • Tutor’s India facilitates clients with the option of making payments in installments where the number of installments would be decided on the quantum of the work (word count).
  • Clients will be provided with a receipt for all payments that they render.


  • In the unlikely event that Tutor’s India is unable to satisfy the requirements or specifications of the client in spite of several iterations, the client has the right to request a refund.
  • The client agrees to justify why the project is not satisfactory and provide documentary evidence wherever possible to substantiate their claim for refund.
  • Any documentary evidence presented by the client will be appropriately reviewed and assessed by Tutor’s India which might also involve a review by an external expert. If Tutor’s India after consultation with external experts are convinced that the requirements of the project have not been met, will initiate the process of refund.
  • Tutor’s India agrees to make the refund through any medium as desired by the client, except cash.
  • Tutor’s India agrees to make a refund within 30 days of receipt of the refund request.
  • In case it is determined that Tutor’s India was unable to meet the requirements or expectations of the client due to frequent alterations requested by the client to what was initial agreement or due to the inability of the client to meet their commitment of providing relevant data or information, any requests for refunds will not be entertained.
  • The refund is not allowed if the project is already allotted and the permissible timeline is exceeded.
  • Refund is not possible for the projects committed with a deadline less than or equal to 72 hours.
  • The refund due to stopping the work is not applicable for shorter deadline projects.
  • The client is an agreement with the refund policies as set forth hereinabove and accepts that considering the specialized manner of services that are being rendered, Tutor’s India cannot assure any total refund as per the conditions outlined. However, full refunds can be affected if the situation is unique, but Tutor’s India reserves the right to decide what constitutes unique situations.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

  • All prices quoted by Tutor’s India would be inclusive of VAT. However, the percentage of VAT will be according to the rates that currently prevail.

No Guarantee on Scores

  • While Tutor’s India agrees to execute the project in the best possible manner, by carefully meeting all requirements and ascribing to highest quality standards, Tutor’s India at no instance will guarantee that the client will obtain a specific score in their project work.

General Terms

  • Tutor’s India will be functional between 9:00 am., to 6:00 pm., (IST) from Monday to Saturday (except Second Saturdays and all Sundays and any other national holidays).
  • Irrespective of the time and days specified above, support services from Tutor’s India will be available 24x7 where clients can get in touch with the experts at all times.
  • Considering the large volume of clients that Tutor’s India services, it might not be possible for us to respond to calls or emails immediately. However, Tutor’s India agrees to revert via email within 24 hours.
  • The client accepts that any views expressed by Tutor’s India, their employees, project coordinators or experts with regards to using our services is just a suggestion and cannot, in any case, be construed as explicit advice.
  • The client also agrees that they have not been coerced or forced or pressurized to avail our services. The decision to avail our services has been done of their own free will without any compulsion.
  • The client also absolves Tutor’s India from any risk that they may be exposed to if the client is availing our services in contravention to the rules and regulations as laid down by their educational institutions.
  • On their part, it is the responsibility of the client to ascertain the guidelines laid down by their educational institutions and inform the same to Tutor’s India before placing an order.
  • The client also accepts that any project work undertaken by Tutor’s India is extended exclusively as academic support and does not in any way constitute as professional advice.
  • Tutor’s India has the complete authority to accept or reject a project work at their sole discretion.
  • The clients, as well as Tutor’s India, accept that these terms and conditions will come into effect from the time a project has been confirmed and accepted.
  • These terms and conditions, on the whole, are indicative of agreement that is brought into effect between the client and Tutor’s India from the date of confirmation of the project and will substitute any agreements that were verbally decided or agreed in writing in the past.
  • Tutor’s India has the right to terminate any project prior to its completion if they believe that the client intends to utilize the work executed for purposes other than what might have been stated at the time of placing the order or contradicts with the terms and conditions laid down.
  • This agreement between the client and Tutor’s India does not accord any rights to any third parties to enforce any of the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement.
  • The scope, validity, structure, and execution of this agreement between the client and Tutor’s India will be governed by Indian law and will fall under the jurisdiction of Indian Courts of law, Chennai and the both the client and Tutor’s India agree to submit.
  • In case any provision within this Agreement between the client and Tutor’s India is inadmissible by law or considered as unlawful, unenforceable or void by a court, that particular provision will be omitted from the agreement and will be considered as ineffective. However, the omission would be effected in such a manner that it does not alter or impact the other conditions as mentioned within this agreement.

Promotions & Privacy Policy

  • Any visitors to our website or clients who willingly provide their contact numbers and email ids for communication purposes is in agreement with the fact that they are open to receive any promotional emails or SMS which informs them about the many services and products that we offer many of which might be of immense use to you. However, no emails or SMS will be forwarded if the visitor or the client explicitly express their objection to receive any such messages.
  • Even if the client or the visitor to the site is in agreement to receive promotional communication, Tutor’s India agrees that the number of such communication will be restricted to two promotional communications each month. However, the option to be excluded from such communication is always open.

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