Fair Use Policy

Fair Use Policy

Fair Use Policy

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For more than a decade we have supplemented students’ or researcher’s efforts in academics. We offer students the much-needed impetus to improve grades in course and obtain better results in examinations

As part of our policy, we expect students/researchers to use our assistance in an ethical manner that will help them to get the best out of model answers while actually helping them to acquire more knowledge.

Plagiarism is not inspiration. While inspiration is good in academics, plagiarism is not. What we offer as model answers should form the foundation for your input and should be used to create your own conclusions. This will help you to acquire knowledge, and actually, create original work that is free from plagiarism.

Our emphasis has always been on empowering students with the knowledge, and all our services are designed to equip students. Ignoring plagiarism goes against the very basic purpose of education and academics which we aim to support. Being a silent spectator to plagiarism will indirectly deprive you of the opportunity to acquire knowledge.

The model answers we provide equip students with specific examples of the manner in which questions need to be answered. It needs to be understood that we offer examples from one perspective. Different approaches to answering exist, and it is left to the student to decide on the best. However, the model answers we provide are designed to give you a great start to chart your research and come up with findings. The perfect way to utilize our model answers is split into distinct steps and is outlined hereunder:

  • The model answer needs to be read fully to understand the manner in which the question has been tackled.
  • Special care needs to be given to each paragraph or section, by making detailed notes.
  • The notes should form the basis for the creation of your own ideas and arguments which you should pitch.
  • It is important to pore over the referred resources and review the same.
  • The referred resources should serve as a springboard for gathering additional material.
  • Important points from the collated information should be considered for inclusion in your effort.
  • The model answer provided by our researcher should be used as an exhaustive template for creating your own work. The layout, the nature and number of resources referred and the depth of critical analysis should be employed as a benchmark for creating your work.
  • Bottom-line. The work you ultimately furnish needs to be your very own, formed from ideas and approaches that are your own, and free from plagiarism.

Obviously, this approach requires effort and time from your end, but it will lend you the satisfaction of a submission that is yours. Apart from the acquisition of knowledge which will present you a better chance of excelling in your academic pursuits as you will be equipped with the right and relevant knowledge.

By submitting the Model Answer to the University, you are attempting to take credit for the efforts of others. In other words, you are resorting to plagiarism. Despite the changes that you may try to make in the Model Answer, it still does not make it your creation. Our Custom Research content is intended to help you understand and to give you an idea of the approach you need to take to execute your work. You cannot submit the Model Answer as your own under any circumstances. Using the model answer in alignment with our Fair Use Policy will offer a greater advantage regarding knowledge acquisition and experience. The model work will help you to enhance your grades and acquire an idea of creating exceptional academic work, and at the same time, you will be satisfied with a job well done.

Our Client Support Team will provide additional information on our policy of fair use, and the terms and conditions over a call or email. You can use the email id and telephone numbers that you will be provided with.

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