Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Tutors India is committed to guide the researchers in their research work as per the commitment. We understood that the researchers' perception may vary from one to another due to which we provide unlimited revisions on whatever we commit. There is no refund policy at Tutors India as we revise the committed work up to the satisfaction of the client.

Custom-made Research work

We are not involved in selling any research work rather than which we completely research on every topic that we are assigned to. We educate the client at every stage and the research work that we are committing is to be used as a reference and not to be submitted as it is.

Whenever a project is committed, the writers will be allotted within 24 hours and the work will be started within 48 hours. If we have to stop the project and refund the payment, the request must be given within 24 hours of the project confirmation. The refund is not allowed if the project is already allotted and the permissible timeline is exceeded. The refund due to 'stopping the work' is not applicable for shorter deadline projects.

Every committed project is assigned a project confirmation code #0000 during which you will be confirmed about the following

  • Title
  • Nature of work
  • Number of pages/words
  • Deadline/Timeline
  • Payment status

After project confirmation, every mail from you (to either experts 'team or info@tutorsindia.com) must have project confirmation code.

Any payment details/new additions to existing project must be sent only to info@tutorsindia.com mentioning your project confirmation code.

Any technical updates/queries/comments/recommendations must be sent only to experts ‘team mentioning your project confirmation code. We highly appreciate your cooperation not to send any payment details to experts' team.

Payment terms

  • 100% Advance for Assignments*/Course work/Research Proposal/Questions and Answers. (*Subject to change)
  • For Medium Level research work: New write up/Rework - Two Installments The above statement means, after project confirmation and your first draft is sent to you, if you have any queries/corrections on your first draft, we are open to unlimited revisions. But you are expected to make second installment in parallel to carry on your balance 50% work. We are not responsible for any deadline delays in this regard
  • For High level research work: Four installments (25% Advance and three installments for which work will be dispatched accordingly)
  • We strictly stick to the word/page count after a project is confirmed. Any negotiation in this regard is not entertained.

    After project confirmation is over, if extra pages/words is demanded to add, Extra payment has to be made in accordance with the requirement.

    Deadline committed, is the number of days/weeks only after we receive the payment confirmation We provide 24/7 call support at the admin department only. Any technical calls/calls related to work status can be answered by the expert’s team only between 9am to 6pm Indian Standard Timings (IST). 24 hours is the minimum timeline to address all the technical queries

    With prior appointments on both sides, a conference call may be arranged with experts regarding any updates on project details.

    • Conference call arrangement will be arranged only between 9am - 6pm (Indian Standard Time -IST) on weekdays (Monday to Saturday)
    • No details related to personal/payment should be discussed on account of which the call will be immediately disconnected
    • After a conference call, an email will be sent to you stating the information which is understood / conveyed over the phone.
    • One Skype call may be arranged for a maximum of 30 minutes to discuss with the technical expert after the project is confirmed.

    Rework/Feedback on projects

    • Every project is committed between the client and Tutors India and not with the clients' university/guide/supervisor. So any revision request from client end within the specified time will be addressed as per the commitment. However Tutors India will not be able to take the responsibility in addressing your supervisor/guide/department/reviewer comments after the timeline committed. For Assignment/Research Proposal/Course work: From the date of dispatch, we are open to unlimited revisions up to 15 days.
    • For Masters Dissertation: 15 days from the dates of final file dispatch unlimited revisions for Masters up to 15 days and 30 days for Ph.D.
    • After the timeline mentioned above, the client will be informed about the formal closure of the project from the team.
    • Any revisions after the provided timeline will be considered as an additional work for which the payment will be collected as follows.
Period of revisions Payment terms
Within 15 days from the date of final dispatch Free
Between 15-30 days from the date of final dispatch 10% of the payment committed
Between 30-45 days from the date of final dispatch 25% of the payment committed
Up to 60 days from the date of final dispatch 50% of the payment committed
Up to 60 days from the date of final dispatch 50% of the payment committed
Above 60 days from the date of final dispatch Will be considered as a new requirement

For manuscript development

We are not responsible for rejection criteria if the Basic concept, Title provided and the primary data is unacceptable to the reviewers/authors. However, we provide revisions for the comments received specially with reference to enhancement of technical content, language and formatting guidelines.

For any type of guidance provided, we refer both free as well as paid articles. If the client needs any articles for their future reference, free articles will be provided. But in case of paid articles, only respective payment links will be provided for the same.

We are committed towards providing a plagiarism-free work and not a free plagiarism report. However if plagiarism report is required, you can make an additional payment for the same

Whenever committing a project, you must let us know the format/version of the file which you require since every document that is dispatched will be only in Microsoft office (2007) version or relevant software formats.

We work and Strive for the 100% Customer Satisfaction and hence you can customize your requirement the way you want!

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