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Result Analysis
Statistical analysis is an important step and contributes 40 per cent of weightage of your entire PhD dissertation. At Tutors India, we assist you in exhaustive analysis and interpretation of the report. We perform following analysis:
  1. Exploratory analysis – To check normality [Kolmogorov Smirnov test], outliers, mean, standard deviation, standard error of mean, kurtosis, skew ness, minimum. Maximum, standard deviation, confidence interval,.
  2. Correlation test [Bivariate: Pearson correlation, spearman rank, Kendall’s Tau, simple scatter plot, partial correlation]
  3. Chi-square analysis
  4. Reliability analysis – Cronbach’s alpha, etc.
  5. Time series analysis
  6. Regression, multiple regression, logistic regression
  7. T-test, Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), Analysis of covariance (ANCOVA), , General Liner Model (GLM), Repeated measure design,
  8. Non-parametric Test: Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test, The Kruskal Wallis Test, Mann-Whitney Test, Multivariate Analysis of variance (MANOVA)
  9. Forecasting analysis [Human, sales, etc. forecasting]
  10. Confirmatory Factor analysis
  11. Discriminatory analysis
  12. Factor analysis
  13. Structural Equation Model [SEM]
  14. Neural Network
  15. Decision Tree analysis
  16. Marketing analysis Techniques

We not only help you in the analysis but also involved in tutoring of statistical analysis part, which brings you more confidence to defend your PhD thesis. Our Trained statistician and Biostatistician  will help you throughout the process.

Pilot testing

Pilot testing is an important part of any research and before conducting the main study, researchers need to test the questionnaire with small number of participants with diverse socio economic group and geographical areas. However, for a small pilot study, always participants should be drawn from the main study.

The field test findings should looked as a whole, each section and individual questions and appropriate revisions has to be made based on results of preliminary findings. The pilot testing helps you on the following

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