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The Study of Statistics explores the collection, organization, analysis and interpretation of numerical data. The concept of statistics applied to a number of fields such as business, psychology, economics and management. When the focus is on the biological science and health sciences, the term biostatistics has been used. Tutors India is equipped with a team of experienced statisticians who can provide support in Statistical data analysis and Statistics help.

At Tutors India, we assist in both Statistics and Biostatistics

Statistical Data analysis is the most important step in any Dissertation or Thesis. Students require help in explaining their work through work of statistical data analysis and display results that can be propagated as the work of research. Dissertation help comes along with statistical data collection and analysis of the same. Collecting statistical data, interpreting and tabulating is also an important part of statistics where the students would require proper statistics help. We have expert statisticians who improve the quality of data with the design of experiments and survey sampling and provide the complete statistical data analysis help.

We provide statistical guidance to students to finish their statistics part successfully. Experienced researchers and statisticians are put on work to finish you statistics part. Different tools like SPSS, SAS, Excel are used by us to complete your research data analysis.

Tutors India Statistical help are as follows:

Data compiling and recoding:

Creating data entry format in excel, exportisng data into SPSS or any software, labeling, checking for normality, missing data, data entry errors, outliers checking using appropriate analysis.

Statistical Data analysis help:

Although there are several ways of analyzing data, usual format starts with descriptive statistics (mean, standard deviation, minimum, maximum, range, standard error of mean, confidence interval) of the socio-demographic variables (age, sex, occupation, income, marital status etc) and followed by reliability of the composite scores. Further, the data analysis is focused on hypothesis testing using appropriate statistical tools

Interpretation of statistical output:

Output provided in any software  will be exhaustive and it is not necessary to interpret all the numbers. At Tutors India, we interpret the data that are relevant to the thesis and make sure you completely understand the output. If not, we are here to provide the statistical help that you are looking for.

Presentation of Tables and Figures:

At Tutors India, the presentation of statistical output for the Masters Statistical Data analysis and PhD thesis data analysis follows the journal format and apply appropriate interpretation not only based on numbers (quantitative expression) but also qualitatively including commenting your research methodology strength and Limitations. In that way, TutorsIndia provides a complete support in statistics part of your research work (for example: sample size, study design, response rate, questionnaire reliability and validity etc.). We not only help you in the statistical data analysis but also are involved in tutoring  of statistical analysis part, which brings you more confidence to defend your thesis / dissertation.

Avail our qualitative analysis service in which, we assist in analysing your textual data using NVIVO software and also through Thematic analysis approach.

Our Express Statistical Service provides you the required statistical help and finds the solution within 4-6 hours quick turnaround solution. Tutors India has expertise in handling software like SPSS, SPSS AMOS, SAS, SYSTAT, R, STATA, EpiInfo, E-Views, Excel etc.

Our Statistical Data Analysis service A Glimpse

  • Data Entry
  • Data management
  • Statistical analysis
  • Interpretation
  • Report preparation

Our Guarantees

  • Research Methodology Specialist
  • Questionnaire development expertise
  • Well experienced Statisticians capable of handling SPSS, SAS, R, E-Views, STATA and many more.
  • Timely Support
  • Statistics Tutoring and clarification
  • Tables and Interpretation with proper formatting for print-ready analysis

Visit our sample format of statistical presentation and Interpretation

Apart from data analysis using statistical tools, our statistician guides you in solving your statistical homework problems, Statistics coursework, Statistics class work, Mathematics conference paper, Statistics conference paper, Statistical questions and answers. We help you to understand the concept of statistics through mathematical problems. Our expertise will assist you in understanding the data presentation, numerical summary measures, rates and standardization, life tables, probability, theoretical probability distributions, sampling distribution of the mean, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, comparison of two means, analysis of variance, non-parametric methods, inference on proportions, contingency tables, Multiple 2 X 2 tables, Correlation, Simple and Multiple regression, Logistics, Survival and Sample theory.

Tutors India undertakes biostatistics guidance for researchers and students involved in medical, health care, hospitality management and Life Science. Nutrition and dietary data analysis including energy adjustment analysis using SAS are also provided at Tutors India. We provide knife-cut services in bio statistical data analysis since our expertise are trained from Harvard public school of Health and many more Indian Institutions.

What Tutors India will deliver along with the custom written part-dissertation or Dissertation Statistical Analysis: Service description?

A part-Dissertation Statistical Analysis writing service from Tutors India research writing services is simply easy and straightforward. You will get the reply within 30 minutes which would enable to place your order quickly without any delay in submissions. We would provide


2:2 standard 2:1 1st class
50-59 percent 60-69 percent 70-74 percent
Developed based on the relevant sources We use a wide range of sources Refers to a wide range of seminal research with throughout engagement using latest resources
A reasonable attempt at finding an area that warrants research A clear identification of research gap in the literature along with aims and good research questions A solid gap would be identified based on the current literature and justified thoroughly
Evidence of an attempt to provide critical evaluation but mainly descriptive Uses more critical aanalysis alongside necessary description Excellent critical analysis would be shown
Includes more understanding and appreciation of the subject Top level independent critical thought
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Our Guarantees

  • Chapter wise
  • Changes to the delivered work within 25 days of delivery
  • References and bibliography are not included in the word count
  • We help you to locate the sources cited
  • We guarantee delivery of minor changes within 24 hours
  • We reply all your emails within 30 minutes of working hours
  • Stringent quality checking process

We accept orders from a wide range of subjects which include Business Management (finance, operations, healthcare, marketing, human resource, entrepreneurial, supply chain and logistics, many), Economics, Computer Science, English, Literature, Engineering, Epidemiology, Public Health, Life Science, and Nutrition

If your topic or field of interest is not listed above, kindly contact us to know more about the dissertation writing services, dissertation writing tips, dissertation and thesis writing help.

To match exactly with your requirement, we required title that you had already selected, primary or secondary or business plan, university guidelines for style and referencing style, rubric scale and marketing criteria, scope, target country, industry experience, and feasibility of data collection, if any. Even if you have only research proposal is also fine. We will able to generate rest of the information. And any other information that our writer should know also can be provided from your end.
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