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A dissertation literature review contributes 40 percent of weightage. Hence more effort should be taken to collective exhaustive up to date literature that has been published from various countries or conducted among different ethnic groups. Thus, a researcher need to collect relevant literature, including empirical, historical, philosophical literatures related to a problem stated. A review of available literature is an important part of any academic dissertation. TutorsIndia is well aware of why the dissertation literature review should be done based on which we provide the literature review writing services for the past ten years.
The final part of the dissertation is the Discussion, conclusion and future recommendation / implications. This section requires understanding of statistical analytical. terms such as mean, standard deviation, confidence interval, probability value, beta coefficient, confounders, moderators, reliability, validity, cronbach’s alpha, chisquare/cross tabulation, etc. Further this section needs to emphasize interpretation of findings with the existing literature and highlighting critically with results (similarity, differences and providing proper justification). Besides, research needs to provide appropriate recommendations, strengths and limitations in terms of the research design, questionnaire validity, etc while concluding the PhD Thesis.
At Tutors India, our experienced researchers have extensive knowledge in handling statistical tools and research methodology, will assists you in developing appropriate conclusion based on the results obtained. Our expertise will provide you justification for each and every line that has been included in your thesis and furnish you appropriate support as well.
References and Bibliography
In Phd thesis or Master’s dissertation referencing is an important part. At Tutors India, we provide proper referencing format as per your request as our expertise has a rich experience in handling different referencing styles. References should be always selective, comprehensive, pertinent and accurate. For referencing style, you need to check with the university format, however, if not try to adhere to any one style of referencing.
The following are different format of referencing style. Harvard, APA, BMJ, Chicago, MHRA, MLA, OSCOLA, Oxford, Software, Turabian, Vancouver, IEEE, CSE (CBE), AGS, AGPS, AGLC.
Examples of different Formats
  • APA Style Asha, M. H., Dravidan, D. P., & Harlow, T. (1993). Actions needs to be completed. Journal of Social Psychology, 65, 1195-1207.
  • BMJ style of format Nantulya V, Reich M. The neglected epidemic: road traffic injuries in developing countries. BMJ 2002;324: 1139.
  • Vancouver style of format Vickers A. Guidelines for authors of books and papers on complementary medicine. Complement Ther Med 1999;7:245-9.
References from our database
Most of the student / research scholar suffer to get appropriate references from websites and moreover some student even difficult to identify appropriate / autheticated references. The sites like blogs, wikis are not usually recommended as a autheticated source for referencing. At Tutors India, in addition to referencing format, we also help you to get appropraite articles from our database.
Defense preparation or Public Viva Voce Examination
PhD Defence is a special occasion as all your years of work will be presented and justified within two hours of presentation. Hence more care should be taken on your presentations and other part of the challenge is to convince the external committee members. The PhD thesis presentation should include the following.
  • Problem statement
  • Why is it important in current scenario and what’s the difference between present and past research
  • Findings of the study
  • Tools used (with proper referencing)
  • Publications, conferences attended if any should be included
  • Awards received as part of your research
  • Do not forget to include in-text references as this add value to your presentation
  • Do not read the slides as the committee presented are experts in your field
  • At last do not forgot to provide a slide on ‘Acknowledgement’
At Tutors India, we help you to provide appropriate power point slides and also help you in tutoring on how to defend your viva by providing you tips from your own thesis.
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