Where Can I Find Best Masters/MBA Dissertation Topics For My Project?

This is one pertinent question that all final year students pursuing MBA or master’s degree are interested to know as the Project work completion is mandatory for the successful completion of their aspired degree.

Master dissertation topics selection is first important step in the dissertation project and the student’s needs to make a proper research in choosing an appropriate topic in their respective discipline that is of interest to them. Judicious care needs to be taken to choose creative MBA dissertation topics that have considerable scope for in-depth investigation and more importantly sufficient information are available on the subject.

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The MBA students need to choose relevant management dissertation topics that can help them to apply the basic management principles in variety of real-world business situations such as

Operations Management

Important dissertation topics ideas and a sample topic relating to these various disciplines are outlined below for the benefit of the students pursuing project work

Operations Management

The Operations management is one of the vast subjects in management discipline that provides ample opportunities for the students to contribute new knowledge in core business areas such as inventory control, Total Quality Management (TQM), Supply chain management, conflicting styles of management. A sample dissertation topic in the operation management theme written by the victorious MBA students include

A Comparative study of various Cost-effective quality improvement tools best suited for small and mid-size manufacturing industry

Business Management

Business management dissertation topics can cover major critical areas of business like organization culture, competition, profitability challenges and environmental challenges faced by the business. A sample topic attempted by MBA students in this subject area is

The impact and influence of environmental regulations on business operations and its future growth

Accounting & Finance and Economics

Accounting standards and economics shape the progress of business and students can have a plethora of information to undertake a dissertation project on this critical discipline. A sample Accounting dissertation topic include

Does the prevailing accounting standard fulfill its anticipated objectives?


Marketing is another vast discipline comprising various subject areas like consumer behavior, advertising, marketing ethics, social marketing, direct marketing and MBA students can select their dissertation topic relevant to their interest and study. A Sample management dissertation topic can be like

The impact of e-mail marketing on consumer’s buying behavior

Engineering & Technology Management

MBA students need to avoid doing research on outdated technology and needs to select those dissertation topics on prevailing technology areas such as nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, VoIP technology, ERP systems. A sample dissertation topic can be like

A comparative study on profitable IT outsourcing destination among South East Asian economies

Human Resource Management

Human Resource management provides a wider opportunity for the master/MBA students to conduct dissertation work on critical HRM areas like Staff orientation, staff training, and employee retention techniques. A Sample HRM dissertation topic can be

The influence of effective training and staff motivation for improving productivity in a service industry

In conclusion, plenty of useful Master dissertation topics on various subject areas are available that can guide the Master’s/ MBA students to proceed confidently in undertaking the complex dissertation work and achieve successful completion.

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