The importance of having Biostatisticians on every clinical research

Biostatistics has an important role in assisting clinical researchers arrive at the value of their findings. It is crucial in computing the sample size, finding out the power of a study, and eventually analyzing the statistical significance of the specific results.

Biostatisticians are specialized in handling Bayesian methods, genetic hierarchical models, casual inference, longitudinal data analysis, missing data analysis etc. They also assist you in computing the sample size for clinical investigation for any period of the drug development, randomization schedules dependent on the protocol design, figures as portion of the statistical analysis plan.

Clinical Research

Tutors India performs statistical programs for the purpose of validating tables, figures to client by means of independent analysis of programming code. At the end, our team prepares a statistical report as per the requirement. Our expert team functions closely with scientists and also physician’s researchers.

The specialty of Tutors India

  • The analytics service of Tutors India guarantees that you data is confidential. You can send us your topic analysis and/or research plan, questionnaire, raw data and goals with the time limit and rest assured that your work is done with quality.

  • Whether it is for M.D, M.S, Ph.D course, Tutors India provides biostatistical services. We implement a spectrum of statistical techniques for both big and small data.

  • Clinical Biostatistical Services at Tutors India is totally aware that the manuscript follows a very stringent deadline. Our team makes it sure that the work is performed on time.

Features of Biostatistical Analysis Services

  • Statistical programming services

  • Meta-Analysis Services

  • Sample Size Calculation

  • Randomization

  • Statistical Analysis Plan

  • Listing of Tables, Graphs and Listings

  • Statistical Report


At Tutors India, the team of professionals deals with high quality data assessment, biostatistical calculation and data management services. We execute biostatistics techniques to a broad range of clients related to public health research and biomedical science comprising clinical trials, animal studies, observational studies etc.

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