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Writing a dissertation in itself can be a daunting task, at the same time editing the dissertation can be equally challenging. The process of editing pertains to recognizing factual errors, rectifying it, revising or deleting portions that are vague or adds no value input to the dissertation, pinpointing content that has been overlooked or omitted and checking for language, grammatical and structural errors.

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Dissertation Copy Editing Checklist

Sample Editing Checklist

Editing on the whole is an art which has to be deftly undertaken and executed. Editing is a mandatory process which needs to be carried out once the dissertation is complete. Without editing, the process of writing a dissertation is incomplete. While naysayers might argue that editing is not needed, they couldn’t be any more wrong. Editing is essential as the process of writing a dissertation stretches over extended periods where the writer is solely focusing on researching and writing. Along the way, the writer is bound to lose focus or deviate from the context of the dissertation or the structure of the dissertation on the whole. This warrants the need to carry out an edit. This also leads to the first step of editing which is to ensure that the content matches the topic in question and has not deviated.

Establishing Accuracy

Ensuring accuracy is a key aspect in the process of editing. It is the professional and ethical responsibility of professional writers to ensure that facts presented within a dissertation are accurate. Facts (e.g. Year, percent, quotes from others) presented within the dissertation have to be double checked for accuracy and reliability. Reliability in this case would refer to originality of the sources cited. The editor should ensure that the information presented within the dissertation links to the original research instead of referencing it to some other author who is quoting from an original source. This is again linked to the manner in which the research and writing process is executed. The information sources have to be verified to add credibility to the dissertation. Most UK MBA dissertations (e.g. Business and Management, International Business, fashion management) are rejected because the source of information is not academic and might be taken from blog posts or unverified websites which cannot be c
considered as authentic or reliable. The editing process would ensure that all information presented within the dissertation is from trusted and reliable peer reviewed secondary sources.

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The Editing Processes

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Dissertation Sample Work

The editing process then moves on to checking for structural, linguistic, grammatical or referencing errors. Editing should ensure that the content presented within the UK PhD or Master’s dissertation follows a preset structure, uses the right language and is devoid of grammatical errors. An improper structure or use of jargons and inopportune language, grammatical or referencing errors can highly enhance the scope of a dissertation being rejected. Especially referencing in APA style is challenging for students or researchers. Editing takes care of all these aspects. However, it is essential to ensure that editing is done on a printed copy rather than an electronic format. More importantly, it would be beneficial if the editing is carried out by a person other than the writer.

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The Process Flow Dissertation Editing

1. Conceptual Alignment

Ensuring content aligns with concept

2. Reliability

Ascertaining accuracy and reliability of content

3. Structural Flow

Identifying & rectifying structural errors

4. Use of Language

Removing jargon’s and using academic terminologies

5. Grammatical Accuracy

Checking & rectifying grammatical errors

6. Referencing Style

Ensuring use of prescribed referencing styles

Template Download:

Dissertation Copy Editing Checklist

Grammar Editing Check List

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