Recent Trends HR Management Research: A Must Look For Masters UK Research

Human Resource Management encompasses a variety of aspects that make up a workforce for an organization and has increasingly gained significance to business strategy and success. With increasing globalization and advanced technological developments, managing workforce in a diverse context of cultures pose a tough challenge for organizations around the globe.

The ever-changing and complex nature today’s business environment has necessitated the professionals and experts in Human Resource Management discipline to undergo new research studies and bring constant change in the various HR policies adopted by the organizations at the workplace.

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Master’s program in Human Resource Management Helps the students to develop intrinsic knowledge as to how to create business value through effective strategic management of the workforce of an organization by formulating people-centric policies.

Master’s students need to have a sufficient understanding of the HR Management Research trends and choose dissertation topic ideas that are of personal interest and have adequate scope for carrying out an in-depth research.

Recent Trends In HR Management Research

Dissertation Topics and ideas help from professionals in the HRM discipline can significantly benefit the master’s students understanding the recent trends of HR management Research in UK and choose a specific topic relating to their area of interest.

Some Of The Front-Running Areas In The Human Resource Management Discipline Include:

  1. Psychological contract
  2. Employee Engagement
  3. Talent management
  4. Emotions at workplace
  5. Human capital management
  6. HR analytics
  7. Harnessing software analytics for better inter-departmental coordination
  8. Green HRM
  9. Employee Attrition & Retention
  10. Learning organization
  11. Sustainable HRM
  12. Managing Diversity
  13. Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on the HR Function
  14. Flexibility & Change management
  15. Performance management system

Important Dissertation Topics For Masters UK Research

Numerous Business Dissertation Topics are available in many Human Resource management areas like Training and Development, Employee Welfare, Staff Turnover, Staff Retention, Recruitment, Performance Management, Appraisals, Motivation, Strategic HRM, Job Satisfaction, Culture, and Diversity.

Some Specific HRM Topics Useful For UK Master’s Students Include:

  1. Human resources focus on maximizing employee productivity
  2. Evaluation of various methods used to achieve Employee productivity in UK Nonprofit organizations
  3. HRM strategies to overcome skill shortages within the UK Hotel Industry
  4. An analysis of workforce motivation within the UK manufacturing industry
  5. Examining the impact of employee training and development on organizational profits
  6. Evaluation of relative value of soft skills and hard skills during recruitment process in UK Service Industry
  7. Examining the legal and ethical aspects of maintaining workplace diversity
  8. A study into Recruitment and selection methods deployed in UK clothing industry
  9. Impact of Employee Turnover on organizational output
  10. Impact of Employee motivation on Organizational Profitability

These sample HR dissertation topics can help the UK master’s students to formulate their own dissertation topic in their study of specialization along with relevant research objectives, literature review, research methodology, and Data Analysis.

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