Planning a perfect dissertation is not difficult if only you follow these steps!

Dissertation is the probably the most significant piece of research and writing that you will take up during your academic journey. So obviously when you contemplate on writing your dissertation it will be challenging. You should remember that not only for dissertation, but for anything that you work on that consists of a robust structure and groundwork will mitigate your time and effort. At the same time it will maximize your outcome!

So the key is in making a strong plan for your study. By implementing this, you will find wonders happening throughout your dissertation journey.

Planning a perfect dissertation is not difficult if only you follow these steps!

In this piece, we will show you how to lay that all-important foundation and structure for your dissertation. Here it goes:

Find the right supervisor

Everyone seems to say this but have you ever wondered the importance of finding the right supervisor? In fact, a supervisor plays a pivotal role in the success of your dissertation. When we say the right supervisor it means that he/she has the required academic background in his/her field of study, he/she has allocated enough time for you, and he/she has good relationship with colleagues.

Be aware of the expected format

This can also be construed as knowing the requirements of the study. Without knowing the requirements your dissertation process will not be a smooth sailing. You can go through the style guides for dissertations on websites. This can avoid headaches in the process of dissertation writing. You can also read the completed dissertations of previous colleagues.

 Outline your dissertation

You can outline the important sections of your dissertation so that you know for sure what you are going to write. These major sections include introduction, methodology, discussion etc. You can also be ready with the final figures and the chapters in which they will come. The key lie in writing drafts of each pivotal section. You can also allocate sufficient time for editing. You should accept that you are prone to mistakes, so gracefully accept the not-so-perfect first draft. Eventually go to the next section. You can also spend adequate time for formatting errors.

Research and read a lot

Any academic domain of study has an essential group of significant works that you should be familiar with. You can get hold of these studies by asking your supervisor or any other peer who has sufficient knowledge in the topic of your dissertation. Internet research will also be useful. The idea here is to get a gist of what they carried out, what method they used, and what they have imbibed.

When you follow these points your dissertation will have a solid structure and foundation that will ease your stress in several areas. You may be spending more time of planning your dissertation, but don’t worry! The remaining part of your dissertation will be very easy for you to proceed with.  So the key lies in planning your work and working your plan!

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