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Apart from the fact that a dissertation is mandatory to complete your research coursework, a dissertation has to be looked at as a learning process.

Completing a dissertation successfully says a lot about your sincerity and work ethic. It helps people build trust upon you that you could handle a project or develop new ideas pertaining to a field that you’d probably get employment in. It also testifies your persistence and your mastery of research and organization skills, which can be built on and nurtured in further research opportunities or work scenarios. Writing a dissertation is looked at with importance by any student or scholar since we believe it is an art that has to be mastered. Many of you would love to carry out research, explore and arrive at inferences but when it comes to documenting the process, it is natural to find yourself doubtful and inhibited.

It is mandatory that a written dissertation has to be examined and approved by two panels of examiners, one from your university/college and another external examiner who has no idea about your capability whatsoever, unlike the former who knows you as a student/scholar. A well-written dissertation is usually judged initially with the thesis statement. It is a known fact that a thesis statement guides the researcher through the process, helping him not to lose focus, relevance and coherence. So, it is of primary importance for the scholar to put down an appropriate thesis statement which should be decided on careful introspection and stuck to until the last inference you make during the process of dissertation writing.

The common issues that students face while writing a dissertation is one with compiling a thesis statement, with supporting the thesis, and with revising the thesis statement. A research scholar must make sure their discussions with their academic supervisor is effective. Once the topic is decided, a lot of reading has to be done in that narrowed down aspect of your broader field. The immediate step would be to write a research proposal. Ideally, a research proposal will have the issue dealt with, aims, objectives and methodology intended to be used, including the bibliography.

Next hurdle would be to draw a dissertation outline based on the research proposal and thesis statement. As a research scholar starts exploring, there are good chances that the focus of the research scholar changes with the process of writing. It is important to incorporating these changes in the thesis statement and the research proposal before taking it forward towards an entirely different direction. An outline includes making chapter divisions that would help you to proceed further with vivid ideas that could be partitioned and worked for accordingly without any confusion. The outline keeps the research scholar at pace. It segregates information which helps in better organization and scrutiny, and also in faster process of writing as such.

Apart from these steps, writing a dissertation requires good writing skills and the capability to put forth an argument effectively, and substantiate the same with adequate secondary data.
It can be self-rewarding if it is handled with the seriousness and ethics that is demanded of a research scholar. The satisfaction that a significant dissertation is enormous when you arrive at inferences you intended to achieve by the end of the research. It also boosts confidence in you that you’ll be able to pursue such researches in future, after having written a successful research paper. Also, the association you’d have with an academic supervisor will have fetched you intellectual growth. During the research, the findings you make help you improve intelligently. Writing a thesis also assesses your capability in employing an initiative and in time management.
Next, a thesis provides opportunities to you which take your writing to the next level. If your thesis is of excelling academic standard, it could be published in journals, be it national or international. They could also be presented as papers at conferences or seminars. In the course of these publications or seminars, there are chances for you to build a rapport with prominent scholars or academicians who work in fields that you are interested in, which will help you learn and grow in your field. Lastly, a dissertation adds brownie points to your resume. It is the only part of your coursework that is undoubtedly yours that people who employ you or select you for further studies could count on to assess your depth of knowledge and expertise at writing.

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