Choosing The Right Data Collection Methods For A Successful Thesis

Dissertation writing is a labor of love and passion for many research scholars and pride for some people when they completed their Master’s/ PhD degree program. In reality, some of the reason dissertation work is rejected and finally got fail in the final examination so no other way to the students must do the resit dissertation to get a pass in the examination.

But, what is the main problem with the dissertation rejection? Most of the student’s words of mouth is struggling in doing the data analysis process perfectly. It is the primary reason for delaying the dissertation because of lack time in doing this analysis and implementation chapter accurately.

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Progressively, apart from the field of topic and the subject of research that you have chosen, basic requirement and process what we do at last “Research”. Just split the prefix and suffix, Re-search itself gives the meaning of research. The First and Foremost step is discovering on topic/research area from the various resources and it includes the proven fact along with a practical solution replicating the authenticity and dependability of the study. All these facts and figures are proven that fundamental of study based on data.

These data are together formed into facts and figures according to the demands of the research topic, and its study was undertaken. This data collection technique differs based on the research topic chosen.

Data collection techniques broadly classified into two sections is:

  1. Primary Method
  2. Secondary Method

Primary Data Collection Technique

Here, the data is collected from the original sources or directly by yourself to the personal experiences what we called it as primary data. Primary data collection’s sub-classification is a self-analysis so you will get self-response directly for your study or a set of the research question.

For instances, you are conducting the in-depth questionnaire and depth interviews personally so you will get self-response that can be sometimes biased or even confused.

Secondary Data Collection Technique

In this method, the data is purely collected from previously collected resources are called as the secondary data. It is data, collected from the various articles, journals, annual reports, published papers, bulletins, technical documents, whitepaper and case studies. Secondary data is simple to collect as they are previously collected and are preferred by many students when there is no time where primary data is very tough to collect. But, if the researcher is looking to recent, reliable and original data they should prefer primary data collection techniques.

Your data collection is going to give the correct findings so implement the primary and secondary data techniques in the perfect manner mandate. If you are struggling in doing the data collection techniques for your dissertation, then hire our expertise to get the consistent and accurate data collection techniques.

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