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A dissertation is considered the longest and most tedious piece of work that a student extensively writes and compiles. But at the same time, it is the most rewarding piece of work as the student is able to choose a topic of his/her own interest and work on that initiative.

Writing a dissertation involves a varied range of planning and research skills that deem to be of help in your future career and within the working environment. The topic and area of research should have an ardent focus as the sufficient secondary data that are collected should be collected in a short time. It should also be a topic that you already know about, one that you have some literary frame of reference for your literature search.

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Multiple Methods To Write A Dissertation

There are many ways to write a dissertation. Most graduate programmed provide specific guidance to their students about their choice of approach. Organizing your time is a major point to be kept in mind while writing a graduate dissertation since the period of time allotted for research and dissertation submission will be relatively less than that of a PhD thesis.

The basic structure of a master’s dissertation would be:

  1. Research Proposal which puts forth the research question that you intend to explore and generate ideas about how you might go about it. It should contain at least some theoretical foundation, and a sensible idea of why you want to study this issue.
  2. Introduction that gives an idea about your field of research and expands on why you have chosen the particular field and topic.
  3. Literature Review which analyses the existing resources on your area of research that you’ve read and contemplated upon.
  4. Methodology section explicates the theoretical framework and the basic structure of ideas that you will be using.
  5. Results and Discussion explains the inferences gathered from the research performed using a particular methodology on a particular field of research.
  6. Conclusion sums up the entire dissertation, elaborating on the scope and reliability of your particular topic of research and its inferences.

No Respite Yet?

Even though it seems like a smooth ride when the steps are enumerated like this, many graduate students face problems because they do not follow a proper research on their broader area of interest before narrowing down on their thesis statement which also in turn does not have clarity due to the lack of passable knowledge of the former. Due to this incongruity between the area of research and the specific thesis statement, there arise issues in providing a connection between the thesis statement and the supporting argument. This issue in making connections leads to providing inadequate information that is of relevance to the research topic, thus being indecisive about the focus taken. Apart from this, formatting errors and errors in citing bibliography also occur.

Tutors India Advantage

At Tutors India, we have experts, who are known for producing well,

  1. Introduction chapters
  2. Abstracts
  3. Effective research proposals
  4. Extensive literature review
  5. Appropriate methodology chapters
  6. Chapters providing argumentative discussions
  7. Chapters providing informative discussions etc.

Which our clients are often interested in investing. There are also subject experts who take up dissertation help in fields that are specialized in.

Domain Experts

For instance, a dissertation for an English graduate student is not that analogous to any other field of study or their dissertation. Mostly, their dissertations constitute exhaustive reviews of a piece of literature and all about how this piece has contributed to culture and history over time. They also might talk about statistics, such as how this has influenced future pieces of literature and as to how future writers have followed that path and borrowed from the techniques depicted in it. Our experts who handle literature review have an in-depth knowledge about literature, its trend and model of research that is performed.

Statistical Support

On the other hand, we also have statistical expert hands who specialize in custom statistics dissertation service that thoroughly covers all the material you need. We’ll do everything from mounting an initial hypothesis, methodically investigating the topic and all necessary information, examining all the technical elements involved in your topic, and creating a consistent paper with a compact conclusion. Appropriate use of graphs and tables is done to demonstrate your findings in an indisputable way.

Tutors India’s custom statistic dissertation writing service will meet your goals with the right expertise. We employ only the most qualified and experienced experts we can find for your statistics dissertation help to ensure that your data is profound, and that the quality of your dissertation is above par.

Qualified Team

Likewise, our expert team constitute research associates, content writers, academicians and PhD scholars in fields of English Literature, Critical Thinking, Philosophy, Rhetoric, Bio-metric Study, Statistics, Research Methodology, Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Health and Nursing, Psychoanalysis, Education, Sociology, Economics, Criminology, Social Work, Engineering Sciences, Business Management, Organizational Development, Cross-Cultural Management, International Studies, Anthropology, Women’s Studies etc.

Apart from the research associates who specialize in these fields of study, there are statisticians who exhibit their ability in handling software packages in data analysis. Also, we have our own proof-readers and formatting specialists who keep up with the evolving changes in linguistic aspects of research and formatting techniques.

Why Tutors India?

Having said these, we’re the best service out there. Transparency is our tool to success. All that we do, our steps to finishing a dissertation are vividly acknowledged by our clients. We also let you pick the writer, and you get access to that person throughout the project. We’re confidential. The dissertation will be genuinely original and whenever there is a need for additional guidance, we are at your service. So, if you are searching for an excellent place to write master level dissertation, we are here to support you!

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