It is the study of living beings having two prominent branches as botany and zoology. Botany is study of plants, whereas zoology is about animals. Anatomy, physiology and microbiology are others aspects of study in this discipline. Sub disciplines of biology are biochemistry, molecular, cellular, evolutionary, ecology and environment. Foundation of biology revolves around the study of cell theory, evolution, genetics, homeostasis and energy. Aspiring students want to pursue career in biology in UK are flooded with so many options to choose. For instance, to pursue doctoral level course, the subjects of interest available are biochemistry and biophysics, cell and developmental biology, computational biology, molecular biology and genetics and neuroscience. Opportunities are plenty and are absorbed in departments like bio-products and bio materials, bio-energy, health, nutrition, environment and climate life sciences. Research and clinical jobs at national and international level are other options to begin a career in this field.
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Biological science dissertation is available on topics: aerobiology, agriculture, anatomy, bioengineering, biotechnology, cell biology, building biology, embryology, entomology, epidemiology, environmental biology, epigenetic, hematology, herpetology, histology, limnology, mammalogy, marine biology, microbiology, mycology, current progress in animal biology research, advances in cellular biology, study of evolutionary biology in plants and animals, oceanic pollution, gene heredity and so on. In addition to these, you have the option of quoting any dissertation topic.
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