Dissertation Thesis Abstract

Thesis Abstract

An abstract is a short summary of around 150-300 words, while synopsis is about 10-12 pages which enlightens your important research findings in a dissertation / thesis writing

Be careful while briefing about the various things that you will need to include in your abstract. Introduction, the aims and problems you were working on to solve, what methods you used and conclusions that include the implications of your discoveries are all needs to be included in your abstract.

The various steps that should be followed in writing a good Abstract

  • State the importance of research and why others should read it ?
  • Problem that the thesis or dissertation is attempting to solve.
  • Methods adopted and statistical techniques used in the thesis / dissertation.
  • State the important findings and conclusion .
  • Significance - this section of the abstract should explain the significance of the results and the usefulness of the same. Most importantly what is expected is, how the research is adding to the knowledge already existing in the field.

Synopsis preparation

A synopsis is developed after completing a full thesis and this can be called as Mini-Thesis as it cover all the details but roughly in 10-12 pages. At Tutors India, we assist in preparing synopsis for the PhD thesis. The PhD synopsis will have following headings*

  • Motivation of the study
  • Objectives / Research questions
  • Hypothesis of the study
  • Description of the research work
  • Findings
  • List of publications based on the research work
  • References
  • Proposed content of the thesis / Chapterization details

Write an effective Dissertation Abstract / Synopsis

When you have written your dissertation and you are preparing to write your abstract, you must first reread your dissertation carefully observing the main parts from it to help you write your abstracts.

The main parts are - Purpose, Methods, Scope, Results, Conclusions and Recommendations. Do not stick to the phrases as used in the dissertation, rather write down a rough piece of draft first with the main headings and outline heads from your dissertation which you can use a guide in writing your abstract. Organize things in your rough draft by improving at transitions and dropping unnecessary information. Also check your work for grammar and punctuation.

'Abstracts' allow readers to quicly decide whether it worth their time to read the full article or research work. Hence the researcher / student should devote their time to write proper abstracts with appropriate key words and phrases that allow for easy searching in any online databases. At Tutors India, we guide you in writing appropiate abstract & Synopsis for your dissertation / thesis. Our writers has a rich experience in writing abstracts / Synopsis for Master's Thesis PhD Thesis Dissertation, even for your exam prepartion help and so on.